Why Startups Should Choose Serverless



Serverless, like the name suggests, does not mean without any servers. So it is not to be taken literally. In this situation, there are servers but because clouding resource as a whole serves the purpose of a service, the developer does not have to worry about maintenance and scaling. In this model, you only pay for the time you have used making it more cost effective and dependable. This serverless architecture allows the creators to deploy their code in the form of small packages and everything else is managed by the cloud providers. With cloud providers like AWS Lambda, there will be numerous services that they maintain. Startups prefer serverless as they can concentrate on the core development instead of anything else that comes with the code and maintenance.

Serverless has lately become popular and people have realized how much of a better option it is than traditional cloud. For a startup to flourish, the main principles are great independence, cost-effective and flexibility. The biggest challenge that startups face is to start functioning properly before a substantial amount flows in. They also have to accelerate the speed of their functioning and become agile as soon as possible. Also, there is the challenge of creating new products and services and bringing them to the market. But the developer also has to keep the customer happy and be updated about their changing needs instead of being busy with maintenance. Startups have to be scalable in a short period of time and be efficient. A dedicated serverless team helps startups with attaining this goal. An example of the efficiency of working as serverless is Instagram. When the app faced overwhelming traffic, it was difficult for them to manage the back-ends. They shifted to a cloud service and this helped the app immensely and they were able to keep pace with the ever-increasing traffic. Later on, the idea of outsourcing computing power became popular and has helped many applications ever since.

A striking feature of serverless is that it takes only a matter of time to bring the product to the market. In short, it takes very less time. The process of creating an app which usually took months can now be done in weeks or days because of serverless technology. Because of this, apps have now come to depend on third-party APIs for services like authentication, maps etc. With serverless, there is enhanced scalability and even when there is skyrocketing traffic, it will be manageable. This is why serverless is the most sought-after technology. Serverless developers help to save in computing power and human resources. You no longer have to spend on servers. Another reason for the high demand of serverless among startups is that they are very cost effective. When startups start with very less to no capital, their economic burden is very less. For enhanced user satisfaction, the creator has to work on developing the features and customer friendliness of the app. With serverless, they only have to work and spend resources on this and every other maintenance is outsourced to the cloud service provider. It increases the app’s latency and geolocation. Now that apps have users within a large physical

area, there might be latencies that diminish experiences. Serverless provides proximity near every user and enhances the experience. This is why startups should choose serverless if they are looking to succeed.

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Features of Laravel that Stands Out from Other Frameworks

Features of Laravel that Stands Out from Other Frameworks


Laravel is the best modern-age PHP framework since the past few years for supporting faster and better web development. This can be substantiated by its reviews from customers who have hired Laravel services, its ranking and popularity in the past few years. Their key focus is on writing a code syntax that is simple, comprehensible and cost-effective. They are known for a comprehensive experience as well as high-end and dependable solutions. The highly efficient Laravel developers integrate vigorous technological skills and effective software development approaches.

Laravel has come a great way since its inception and they are the most sought after. A characteristic feature of Laravel that makes it stand out is the vast migration options and simple codes. It is not only cost-effective but also time effective, hence, making it the most popular among web developers who customize their own codes. They are in demand globally, especially in the USA. Web developers can hire Laravel developers who are highly skilled and talented in San Francisco. It is the most flexible and functional framework. They bring in great success to the online business and provides them with an impetus. Hiring professionals can enhance the whole experience and accelerate the development process especially if it is on a large scale basis. Top rated Laravel developers offer online resources and tutorials for budding web developers which are not something seen in other PHP framework developers.

Some of the very unique and striking features of Laravel that stand out are:

  • Laravel has the Most Efficient Authentication Process
    Laravel effectively implements the authentication processes and makes them easy to use. They follow unique approaches. They have a systematized and standardized organisation of the authentication logic and makes resources accessible.
  • Laravel Have Libraries that are Object Oriented
    Using Laravel is easy because they have several built-in object oriented libraries. This is something other frameworks lack in. Authentication library is a famous pre-installed library in Laravel. They also have additional features that improve the overall experience like password reset, Bcrypt hashing etc.
  • Laravel supports MVC
    Laravel supports MVC or Model View Controller which is an architectural pattern that deals with specific areas of the web development. They help in creating scalable projects and improve the performance of web applications.
  • Laravel provides Better Security
    They provide the highest level of security to the application. They have a very efficient password system for this. They use highly advanced algorithms for making password combinations.
  • Laravel provides Easier Database Migration
    With their multiple options, migration becomes easier. The databases are kept in proper synchronizations. This makes adding changes all the more easier.

A characteristic feature of Laravel is that it provides a very wide and extensive customization process. This ensures the success of online businesses. They also have updated communications system by integrating cloud-based services. The documentation is systematically organised and clean.

Laravel reduces the amount of time involved in making solutions for large-scale entrepreneurs on a large scale. These are some of the unique characteristics of Laravel.