Augmented Reality for Marketing, Promotions and Customer Engagement

Markets are driven by consumer’s needs and desires, which keep changing with time and to keep up with the changes, brands need to keep evolving and bringing something new to the table. To provide such refreshing experiences, new trends keep hitting the markets. At the moment, Augmented Reality is one…

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Digital Marketing using Augmented Reality

Marketing using Augmented Reality Augmented reality is not just influencing Marketing, in fact, it’s changing it forever. The technology is expanding so quickly that everyone in the tech world is taking the concept of augmented reality very seriously, an unstoppable buzz that you can see popping up everywhere. According to…

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AWS Lambda Pricing: Estimating the Cost of Running a Serverless…

You have a great idea, you need to implement it and bring it to life? You have to pay the costs of the software development life cycle. But to select and proceed with a technology or a solution architect, it is important that you understand the cost (visible and hidden)…

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Why Laravel+Vue.JS Combination Is Ideal for Web Application development

VueJS is a progressive framework, and it is feature-rich. A progressive framework is an additional markup provided to HTML. This means when the browser updates itself the HTML file undergoes updates too. It is basically bound to the data model as a template model. It is an incrementally adaptable framework.…

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How Technology And eCommerce Is Changing The Future Of Retail

In the past few decades, the way of shopping has dramatically changed. Statistics show that close to 50% of America's population prefers to shop online, and more than 80% made an eCommerce purchase last month. With the current speed and popularity of eCommerce, we can expect the physical stores to disappear in…

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eCommerce Trends for 2020-2025: Top 10 Innovations

The eCommerce industry has made remarkable growth in the last few years. With sales of around US$ 3 Trillion all over the world in 2019, it is expected to make a stunning growth to around US $5 Trillion in 2021. We don't require any proof to judge the growth of…

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Modern Web design trends

Modern Web design trends to enhance customer experience

With digital tendencies and user expectations changing every day, technologies evolve and trends change all the time. Some trends become outdated, while others gain higher ground. It means businesses need to follow the most recent tendencies to gain an edge over the crowd. Why is it important for them? Because…

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Fitness Mobile Application for Gym Members: Features, Cost and Benefits.

The world’s moving towards “Mobile”, so is fitness! Mobile apps are penetrating every industry, with the Fitness Industry being no exception. And to be an exceptional customer oriented business, a mobile app is the bridge. This includes every type of gym – weightlifting, boxing, mixed martial arts training, cross-fit, etc.…

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