Custom Web Application Development: Technologies, Best Practices, Trends.

Web Application development


2020 has been a year of transformation and of all, Web application development is accelerating at an aggressive rate. Web apps with user-friendly interfaces are in high demand. But when it comes to developing an app, there are certain factors which define and add to the application’s success. Users look forward to the look or feel of the app, its design and if it works on their desired platforms. Therefore, the development of Web applications should not be limited to smartphones but also be able to run on any browser i.e. PCs, laptops, other mobile devices etc.

The process of deciding about turning an idea into a reality and building a successful web application can cause a dilemma. Which type of application should be built? What technology stack has to be selected for it to successfully work? And lastly, building the right development team for effectively completing the tasks. Because building an app is not just about its UX or UI, its maintenance, security and stability also play an important role, for which the development team is essential. Moreover, while you’re busy running a business, taking care of your business model, the costs related to the product and marketing strategies, a reliable development team can take care of choosing the right technologies for your web application and deliver the product just in time.

In this article, we will be discussing 6 relevant types of web applications and the technologies used to build them. Further explaining the best web development practices, trends and top technologies and see how web application development can turn your business around!


Types of Web Apps

The classification of different types of apps is based on how they show the content accepted by them. Let’s delve into the functionalities and help you narrow down the type of web app suitable to your business needs.

  1. Static Web Apps – Static web applications are usually developed in HTML and CSS but not restricted to them. jQuery and Ajax can also be used as per the developer’s convenience. Animated objects such as GIFs, banners, videos etc. can also be included in the static apps.

However, the modification of content in static apps is not easy. They are hard to maintain and the content does not change unless it is changed physically on the servers. Static apps are loaded on the user’s browser exactly how they are stored on the server.

Though Static apps are cost-effective and take less time to load, no interaction is possible other than sharing information. It is a suitable choice for small business websites which require fewer content updates.

  • Dynamic Web Apps – Dynamic web applications are complex to design and construct and are used when the information needs to be changed or updated often. They generate data in real-time, according to the user requests.
    When the request for a dynamic page occurs on the web server, the page is passed to the application server. The users can upload the content as there are databases used at the server end, for data loading and CMS (administration panel) looks after the modification of the app content.

Different programming languages or tools can be used to build a dynamic web app i.e. PHP, ASP, JSP, ASP.NET, CGI etc.

Some of the major examples of Dynamic Web Apps can be popular social media apps such as Twitter, facebook  etc.

  • CMS (Content Management Systems) – Content Management System (CMS) is web application development software used for creating, managing and modifying the website’s content without needing any technical knowledge of web programming or mark-up languages. Without it, the content has to be written in a Static HTML file and uploaded to the server.
    With CMS, users can easily edit and use plug-ins to extend the website’s existing functionalities.

    Some of the major examples of CMS are WordPress and Joomla, which are easily customizable and highly intuitive. CMS web applications are best suited for content managers, bloggers, news websites etc.
  • JavaScript Powered Web Apps – JavaScript is used for making dynamic and interactive web pages. Some of the front-end JavaScript Frameworks include AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, etc., which allow better flexibility and reduce the time and effort required to build JS-based apps. JavaScript-powered apps can work on any browser or mobile device.

    Web applications built with JavaScript frameworks perform extremely well, allowing user interaction, SEO (search engine optimization) and are suitable for most industries i.e. e-shops, client portals, full-blown web apps, top-class SAAS Products etc.
  • Single Page Web Apps (SPA) – Single page web applications allow users to interact from a single page. They are swifter and faster than the traditional web applications as they execute the logic in the web browser and not on the server.

The content on SPAs update dynamically and the page does not have to fully reload. Only one request is sent to the server and all the data received by the SPA is stored, which makes it work offline.
However, unlike multi-page apps, SPAs are less immune to the cross-site scripting attacks and are also not very compatible with SEO optimizations due to universal URLs.

The most popular single page web apps are the ones you use everyday – Gmail, Google Drive, GitHub etc.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – The purpose of Progressive web applications is to improve the performance with the rich-features and allow mobile adaptability. Studies show that users are more likely to download a PWA because of its look and feel. Some of the key features include cashing, home screen instalment and better data transfer.

PWAs are more responsive and enhance user experience i.e. mobile web experience as they are available for users with any internet speed.

Technologies for Web App Development

Technology stack is what the application is based on and choosing the right one determines application or the product’s success. But let’s first understand what is the technology stack. It’s a set of tools and frameworks used for developing a product, components of which work together into creating a functioning web application.

Technology Stack

Web development has two sides, front-end development i.e. the client-side and back-end development i.e. the server-side. The users view the client-side (front end), while the server-side (back-end) has the database application which connects the user requests to the database and the server.

Let’s delve into what these technology stacks are –

·        Client-Side Programming – The client-side involves everything users can see on their screens and allows user interaction. These interactions occur in the browser and the components used are –

o   HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) – Defines the structure of the data presented in the browser.

o   CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) – Determines the style of content (fonts, colours, layouts etc.)

o   JavaScript – Enables interactivity of the web pages

·          Server-Side Programming – Server-side works behind the scenes and is invisible to the users. All the server-side tech stacks include – Operating System, Web server, Database, Programming Language and the web application framework. Some of the popular programming – Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Scala.

Let’s take a look at the popular technology stacks are

o   LAMP – Based on Linux (Operating system), Apache (web server), MySQL (database) and PHP (programming language)

o   MEAN – MongoDB (Database), Express.js (app framework), AngularJS (front-end framework) and NodeJS (runtime environment)


o   Django – Based on Python (Programming Language)

o   Spring -Java

o   Laravel, Codeigniter – Php

·          Database – Database searches, filters, presents and sorts the data in the web application, based on user requests sent through a web browser. It also performs various calculations to support user queries.

A Database is divided into two

o   Relational – MySQL, PostgreSQL

o   Non-Relational – MongoDB, Apache Cassandra

·          Server – Web Servers receive, process and deliver user requests in an HTML message form.
Most used web servers are –

o   NGINX – open source

o   APACHE HTTP Server – open source

o   IIS – free and paid

Serverless technologies are the next evolution in web app development and have been a hot topic in the IT industry. They have helped developers to meet the business expectations and here’s how – Serverless Architecture.

Criteria for Selecting the Right Technology

Having learned about the web app development types and the technology stacks, let’s now move to get a clear picture of how to select a web development stack. While choosing a technology stack, you need to filter your options by analyzing your application requirements, including the specifications.

  • Complexity type of Web Application –  The first and one of the most important things is to determine the size and complexity of the application which you choose to develop. You must get a toolset (technology stack) which is necessary to build according to your plan and provide unique benefits to your app.

    The projects or applications can be divided into three types –
    • Simple – These web applications are created with simple ready-made solutions, such as WordPress.
      Example: Landing pages, simple web stores.
    • Mid-Level – These have more features and the architecture of these apps is more complex.
      Example: e-commerce stores, enterprise-grade apps etc.
    • Complex – These have built-in analytics, custom features and numerous third-party integrations.
      Example:       FinTech software, large e-commerce marketplaces etc.

  • Time to Market – The way the technology stack supports reusable components and third-party integrations may influence the application’s Time-to-Market. Tools with easy integration can speed up the development process. Other than that, the developer’s expertise and familiarity with the tools is also important. And lastly, the quality of documentation. If you team up with the right web app development agency, you can launch the app just in time, easily reducing the Time To Market.
  • Maintainability – Effortless maintenance is essential while you scale the application. The two factors on which maintainability relies on –
    • Codebase – The codebase of the application should neither be concise nor too lengthy. Concise codebase goes through more debugging errors, while the lengthy codebase takes more time to process.
    • Architecture – Application’s architecture should support scalability, reusability and portability. The stack should allow incorporation of extra frameworks and tools.
  • Open Source Solutions – While selecting a technology stack, be sure to implement solutions that are open source. They are free of cost to allow limitless modifications as per the project. Selecting open source technologies to lower the initial development costs and maintenance fees as well.
  • Development Cost – The more advanced the sophisticated the technology stack or programming language, the more the cost of development. One way to reduce the cost is by selecting open-source solutions.The other factor is the development team and their salaries, which depend on their expertise and the technologies they work on.
  • Scalability – Scalability of the technology stack is essential for a business or their product to grow. The technology tools may have different scalability potentials. Therefore, check the horizontal and vertical scalability options.
    • Horizontal – to add more physical machines or processing units to your current server or database.
    • Vertical – to add more resources (CPU/RAM/DISK) to your current web server or database, as on demand or upgrading server hardware.
  • Security – If your application highly depends on user data, look for technologies which allow you control access and permissions at feature-level, object level and field level. Features like authentication and authorization are important for external security. Most technologies have security guidelines mentioning the prevention steps and how to minimize vulnerabilities. Developers should work on building the web app according to the security guidelines.
  • Developer Community and Documentation – While dealing with complicated technologies and frameworks, developers may find it hard to work if the code is throwing errors and the problem cannot be identified. This adds up to the time-to-market. Therefore, look for the technologies with good documentation and considerable developer community because the combination of two can overcome the issues quickly.

Benefits for Business

Web applications bring various benefits which help achieve business objectives more effectively.

·  Web application runs on multiple platforms i.e. supported by any operating system, as long as the browser is compatible and users access the same version of the app.

·  Considering the future needs of the business, a responsive app development environment and custom web application development has scalability which helps achieve that.

·  Web applications are not installed on a system’s hard drive. Therefore, there are no space issues.

·  Businesses can embed as many security features as required to strengthen the system.

·  There’s less risk of piracy with the subscription-based web application feature.

·  Web applications are flexible, customizable as per needs, cost-effective and they require less maintenance.

·  Given the fact that business systems created by web apps are web-based, there is 24/7 accessibility as long as there is an internet connection.

Web App Development: Best Practices

  • Follow Standard Rules – Each industry has certain standards which people should adhere to and the same goes for web development. People or users are used to the standardization and any attempt at reinventing them can put them off the track. For instance –
    • Users should be able to notice hyperlinks in the main text, therefore, they should be clearly visible and sufficiently visible.
    •  The top right corner should have the Contacts, registration and authorization buttons and the top left corner should have the logo (with home page redirection)
    • Same navigation map for all the pages and so on.
  • Proper Documentation for Code – There should be proper documentation throughout the development process, right from the beginning. Everything from defining the idea to the final product needs to be documented.

The Roadmap, Research, Audience scope and security, Team collaboration, technology selection and the other technical workings, third-party vendors, managed servers, application layouts and designs, database structure, testing and lastly, maintenance.

  • Mobile-Friendly as a Requirement – The web app should be accessible on multi-devices i.e. laptops, smartphones or tablets, all of which have different screen size and form factors. The product should have an adaptive design i.e. it should be correctly displayed on each screen type, adapting to its functionality and providing a good quality user experience.
  • No Testing on Production Mode/Working Website – Frequent testing is important but it should never be conducted using a working website. There are test or development environments available, which should be used accordingly to avoid future website failure due to mistakes made while developing.
    The dedicated testing/development environments help identify the errors long before they can negatively impact the website’s operations.
  • Priority to Security – Security is the top-most priority and if neglected, it can cause a breach, data thefts etc., which can further negatively affect the company’s reputation. Websites are prone to intruders and in order to reduce the vulnerability, the product has to be built according to the security practices. Some of which are, Database protection, access permission allocation and HTTP connections, which should be implemented while developing the product.
  • Choose Sensible Color and Typography for UI – Focus on web application’s design, look and feel. Studies show that colour coordination and typography leave a long-lasting impact on users and influence their perception. Developers must use the typography which makes the website stand out.

Content Management Systems (CMS) provide tools and features with which companies can easily update and manage the contents and designs of the website.

Top Web Development Trends & Technologies

In a highly competitive market, it is important to foresee what the new changes are, the trends and learn how to adapt them.  Here are the 6 web development trends you need to consider.

  • Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Machine Learning affects our daily internet activities. AI or ML enhances cognitive functions such as learning, data collection, data analysis and allows multi-task automation. The software analyses the incoming data, makes decisions, detects trends and improves the performances without the direct intervention of developers. Which is why Machine Learning is becoming more prevalent with time.
    Key features include higher customer satisfaction, increased customer base, less human errors, cost-efficient and better time management.

    Example – Airnb employed ML to customize search results for guests and Netflix went even further and employed predictive content personalization for users.
  • Web Assembly – Web assembly is here to make a change in the web development world with its open standard, which defines a portable binary code format for executable programs. While JavaScript makes big calculations slow, Web Assembly compiles programming language code into bytecodes that run in a browser faster.

    Web Assembly harnesses hardware capabilities to be efficient, builds modular binaries, supports non-browser embedding, integrates the existing web platform etc. All these factors make it worth investing in web assembly to boost web app performance.
  • Voice Search – Digital voice assistants have gained popularity due to their affordability and functionality. Smartphones are already equipped with them, which makes it easy to web search – Google Assistant (androids) & Siri (iPhones). Moreover, smart speakers are not that costly. Another reason for its popularity is the easy-to-use functionality. Voice Searches can affect SEO work, which is why developers should include the richest snippet for the voice search.
  • Chatbots – Chatbots are created using Artificial Intelligence / Machine learning, which is used by big or small enterprises as online assistants, which are available 24/7 for users. Depending on the advancement of the chatbot, they can address simple queries, point users to certain products or pages, provide answers and can even lead them to purchase.
  • Single-Page Application – Single-page web applications work inside a web browser and reduce the reloading requirements of the web pages by using JavaScript for content loading. The single-page apps render the web pages in the user’s browser without any additional waiting time. These are popular because of the relevancy of the information displayed on a single page. The best examples are – Google, Gmail and GitHub.
  • Push Notification – Push Notifications have the potential to transform the remarketing effectiveness with their time, relevancy and preciseness. Push notifications have a great influence on customers. They are the direct link between you and your customers and can be used to target a specific user base, without any spam filters to get the message across. Wondering how to add this feature into your business website or blogs to engage with your clients?  Engagespot can help in incorporating Push Notifications into your platforms and delivery messages seamlessly. Welcome messages, discount alerts, product announcements or sale are some of the major ways how push notifications are used. Some other companies providing push notification services are – Webpushr, Pushnami, iZooto, OneSignal etc.

Your Development Method

Having decided to build an application, there’s another thing which needs to be determined – How to organize the app development process? What team of developers to hire – Inhouse or Outsource?

  • In-house Team Hiring – In-house development, you would be leveraging company resources to develop the required product. In this, you would need to invest a lot of money, assemble the right team consisting of different people and manage them. While the work is internal and has a better understanding of company culture, it requires salaries, infrastructure investment and also there can be a lack of skills. Moreover, the company should have all the resources and infrastructure required to build a successful product.
  • Outsourcing Your Development – On the other hand, Outsourcing delegates the task. Meaning, a third-party software development agency is hired to do the development and all the software related work.

This approach gives you the flexibility to focus on the business objective and allows you to take care of other operations while the product is being developed by the Outsourcing company. Moreover, there’s better risk management and no hiring hassle.

Outsourcing is a perfect option for the companies whose core competency is not IT or the companies who have their hands full with other tasks and core processes. It is much more cost-efficient and reduces the time-to-market as the third-party has all the resources, team and infrastructure required to build the product.

Our Web Development Methodology: 6 Principles

1.       Our highest priority is to ensure highest customer satisfaction through early continuous delivery of valuable software. We dispense changing requirements, even in the later stage of development.

2..    Frequently deliver working software, with a preference to the shorter time-scale. Because Working software – the primary measure of progress.

3.      Close and Regular cooperation among developers and business people. And follow-ups through the best form of communication i.e. Face-to-Face.

4.      Agile development through the sustainable development process and the ability to maintain it at a constant pace. How? By building projects around motivated and trusted individuals, providing the environment to support the need.                   

5.      Continuous attention to technical excellence and good software design enhancement. The best architectures, requirements and designs emerge from a self-organizing team.

6.  Simplicity is the essential art of maximizing the amount of work not done is essential. At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective and adjust its behaviour accordingly.


Selecting the right technology stack, in accordance with the type of app you want to build can be a real challenge. The key to build a successful product is to have the right team working on it, with the right technologies, following best practices.

The wrong choice and decision may end in business losses. Therefore, it is essential to keep up with the trends to give the business an edge in the markets. A team of professional web developers with all the resources can deliver a top-notch product with all the functionality you require and all in less time-frame.

Are you ready to give life to your idea?

Whether you’re looking forward to turning your idea into reality or to upgrade your already existing web application, aTeamindia has got you covered. We offer customized, scalable, robust and highly secure web development services to carve the future of your business.

Our team looks forward to serving and helping you achieve your business objectives.

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What’s Next for Mobile Technology?

Mobile app

With cent percent assurance, we can state that a challenging breakthrough that shook the ages in the telecommunications industry came in 1973 when Martin Cooper made the first call via a mobile device. Seamlessly, even now in the 2019th year, mobile phones are magnetising our contemporary world. Since dynamic evolution is crucial for survival, the mobile industry is striving hard with all its efforts to inculcate the latest technological advancements. “Change is the only constant thing”.

  1. Ergonomic Design Owning Aesthetic Appeal

No camera coverage over the screen is the latest advent that is going to take the selfie enthusiasts for another quick wave of mania.

  1. Futuristic Technology Augments Smartphone Capabilities

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the dream catchers of the tech-savvy mob. Technology enthusiasts are swooning over augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). While the former projects a 3D visual of virtual objects over the real world, the latter simulates a virtual environment for gaming and entertainment.

  1. Mind Control

As we know in earlier days, a physical keypad was merely considered as a phone. The next big thing in this evolution that is going to sway the world is mind control. Every event you can possibly do via touch or voice can be done with your mind; with just a mere thought. Opening an app of choice, playing a specific song on your playlist, and even cropping your images are simply made possible again with your quick thoughts.

  1. Over-the-air Charging

It is a non-formidable truth that the battery lifetime of the normal smartphone is way down below average. Even the high-end iPhone that you proudly show off is a mere toy once the device runs out of charge. The only remedy is we will have to plug it in for a couple of hours or place it on a wireless charging pad. At all costs, that can be so unfair because of the time at stake.

The developing technology to charge devices over the air has created much hype already. Place your phone within contact of another powered up phone and you can employ the power without any dissipation. It can completely avoid the risk of power loss and temporary shutdown.

  1. Changing Colours

Red, green, or purple colours are more vibrant but can give devices a less pro look, and a bit more amateur look. With the smartphones of the future, you may not have to choose from a standard classic set or a discrete palette of colour arrays.

This technology would allow you to switch between different colour palettes as frequently as you would feel. The feature could also have a mode to change the colour automatically on a daily basis including colour scheduling based on events. With a few LED lights inside properly positioned and accurately aligned, you could also create gradient colours.

We, at aTeamIndia, are building the best mobile innovations. We consist of the best mobile tech developers with trending technologies. If it is the latest mobile tech you are looking for, now you know where to go.

Trending and Innovative Chatbots


A code snippet that wholesomely automates all tasks and schedules just by chatting with a user is a chatbot in simple terms. However, it is a program that is going to talk to you and attend all your queries through a chatting interface. The technology might still be in its incubation stage, but more than a million people use chatbots on a daily basis without even knowing it.

Many groups’ ideologies that stamped chatbots as merely a tentative new age thought of the not-so-distant future was completely taken aback with the much-sophisticated chatbot trends that are slowly surpassing each area. Nevertheless, the prime advent is that chatbots have many new opportunities and openings that can take the world in a quick tempting wave of change.  However, Chatbots may result in higher levels of automation that can risk your jobs and may result in unemployment on a global scale.

The chatbot technology has radically replaced the contemporary message retrieving style and has embraced the artificial intelligence trends into it. As we know, humans are so complex; each having a different mindset and vocabulary. In addition, a single program to handle all these demands many works though.

This year’s top ten chatbot trends are as follows. Let us dig deeper into it.

Wide Range Acceptance of Chatbots

It has been widely accepted and can be a quick storm of change to all the enterprise applications. The means by which we can intervene in all customer relations with just a quick thought of change can be so overbearing.

Chatbots Mimicking Humans

As we have seen, chatbots are starting to influence numerous business sectors. After a quick thought, we would come with Apple’s Siri that can intervene in all assistance with the clients and quickly revert to all their web searches just by a voice and can even schedule their meetings using artificial intelligence. However, to our dismay, there are still many inhibitions.

Chatbots Are More AI-Driven Now

One of the impeccable examples is given by the Bank of America. BoA states that their chatbot is able to handle any customer query with predictive analytics. Complex banking procedures are not a fearsome issue to tackle when chatbots come into the role. Money saving and other cash deposits can all be effectively checked with the help of AI chatbots.

Customer Acknowledgement

Customers can have a wide array of demands that need to be fulfilled and should have a quick reply that needs to be reverted without much delay. All customers should ebb deep insight.

Business and Chatbots

In today’s technology era, chatbots are just incredible. An influential area that equally interests both large scale and small scale businesses are employing a chatbot.  There has been a stupendous rise of chatbots in the year 2017 after making an insightful analysis. The steady growth of chatbot adaptation was a dream made true in 2018.

aTeamIndia comprises the top chatbot team and can deliver top-notch chatbots development and deployment. The team also develop customised result-driven chatbots.

Top Reasons to Select Ionic for Your Next Mobile App Development

Mobile Development

The hype of mobile apps is vast and reckless. Companies struggle in this burning competition. Eventually, it falls under the league of the companies to provide the best deliverables into the consumer market so as to attract the mass collectively.

Upon digging deeper, we can conclude that there are so many hurdles surpassing in the competition between two top-notch apps.

Let us have a peek at the characteristics that have made Ionic the most favourable!

Open Source

The ploy of unstable frameworks can be so heart-wrenching. It can also be strenuous and time-consuming. This is because the framework can break at any point. It has an amazing native feel and is extremely stable. In addition, all these advantages can be pursued at simply no cost. The most inexpensive means by which everything optimal can be aroused is the major throwback of employing Ionic platforms as we see.

Developer Tools

It is just amazing when we have all the readymade plugins, which we can directly employ to action and see it come live on your app thereby making your app more responsive. Readily, it can be employed as the best platform that can be employed to develop fast apps with less work power. Forms, filters, action sheets are readily available for developers to employ in their design. Hence, developers can rely on building apps rather than tossing their head over the common UI elements.

Supportive Community

Let us face it. It is not so simple to begin with a new framework on a fine day and spell wonders to it. Keep on querying and retrieve results for your questions in no time at ease. Cordova and Angular can be used conjointly with Ionic to make it more extensive and all this is possible with no clashes. This adds on to its merit.

Angular Saves the Lot

Angular is an emergent framework for creating both mobile and web apps. Angular has been employed for constructing tags that can heave the typescript more readily and can be quickly studied to make any necessary changes. Angular is a highly flexible language and is programmer friendly.

Reuse Your Code Snippets

As we know, when it comes to building Android and iOS apps, it is necessary to learn two entirely different languages. This can be a tiring job and can steal precious time from you. This can be readily solved if we had a code transformer or an emulator that can bind the code to the respective App Store. In addition, less effort needs to be expended. Moreover, you can quickly wind up the project and start a new project.


Ionic platform is the top-notch platform that can enthuse all mobile app builders alike and remarkably well to grab hold of the consumer markets and rule it over the years to come. We represent the top Ionic developers and comprise the best Ionic team to master the art of developing high-end hybrid apps with optimal visual and aesthetic appeal.

How to Meet Mobile Users’ Expectations from a Mobile App?

mobile app development

The kind of competition that your mobile app surpasses in reaching out to the customer is immensely insane since there are over million apps on the two of the most trending app stores today. Moreover, this should be able to provide you with an idea about the immense competition so far. With these innumerable mobile apps in the market, most of the people today are presented with multiple app options.

However, there is much discussion about acquiring new users and people have been looking at different optimal ways to gain new users. It is significant that you estimate that the battle is barely half won once you have interested a user. These newly acquired users need to be taken care of with great values and deliverables so that you can have them long enough to employ your mobile app.

aTeamIndia, with its immense experience in building highly responsive apps and enthusing users with its ergonomic appeal and flexibility of use, has segregated a list of attributes that can put a veil to all other strong competitors. This enumerated list will give you a strong headway into the world of app development. The tips or solutions will definitely help you develop mobile apps that are sure to meet the expectations of your targeted users and enthral them.

  1. Intuitive Navigation

The app under formation must function flawlessly. It is always up to the job of the crew of developers to ensure that with their coding skills and knowledge. However, an app that has effortless and intuitive navigation is not entirely dependent on the code being written for the app, it will have to bear loads of creativity splashed onto it.

  1. Personalised Offers and Deals

Let us put it into action. Guess if your apps have many operations that users have required. Then you have readily managed to collaborate a whole lot of data about your app users. You have to use these data productively. Just think of a case in which you are sending out any special offers or discounts. It is necessary to generate push notifications for these functionalities. However, your primary quest must be is to ensure that these are emitted to the right audience. You must be able to target the most frequent users and avoid sending promotions to users who are not interested in the same. Offering promotions to app users based on their past browsing and purchasing behaviour can give a kick-start to your app deployment.

  1. Minimise Clutter and Loading Intervals

Everyone is busy nowadays and looking for the new best apps that can replace their current best apps. No one has time to browse the app through the clutter to find what he or she is looking for. They also do not have time to wait when the app loads after each click. Therefore, the primary rule of app design is to minimise clutter and loading intervals. The app must be minimal in buttons while also making all useful features reachable within a few moments. aTeamIndia is one such app development team that specialises in crafting state-of-the-art apps that are fast and clutter-free.

We use IONIC for Hybrid App development. What do you USE?

Ionic Frame

While developing apps and websites, aTeamIndia always keeps the needs of clients in mind. They only use the most adaptable technologies and software so that the clients can easily handle the apps on both the web and mobile platforms. This is why they prefer Ionic for app development. It brings many new creative and innovative features into the area of development. This has made applications more eye-catching and easy to navigate. This is also very much in accordance with the contemporary app development practices as cross-platform apps are the present trend and it is definitely staying for the future. aTeamIndia has one of the top Ionic teams in the region. Unlike most other companies, they are well versed in hybrid app development. Being the best Ionic developers, following are the benefits that you can avail if you use aTeamIndia’s Ionic development services.

  • Open Source Platforms

Open source platforms have always been considered better than traditional ones. Ionic is the only software that gives you an open source platform. This helps you get a sample of the technology you are intending to use. This will help you in making the right decision and choosing the best technology for your apps and websites. The community has many active developers willing to brainstorm and help fellow developers.

  • Beautiful Themes with Easy Customizations

Ionic has many new innovative and creative features. An example of this is the beautiful UDI designs. This helps the developer do work within it. It has inbuilt JS and CSS components that are widely used in mobile development. Even though the default theme itself is very beautiful, you are still given the option to customise your theme with pre-defined CSS elements. Moreover, they have a collection of free themes that can be further customised upon. Usually when it comes to mobile application development, it is difficult to have flexible customisation. However, that is not the case with Ionic.

  • Angular JS

Angular is the base upon which Ionic is based. Angular is already the most used and popular framework for creating applications. This increases the efficiency of Ionic two-fold. With Angular, you can make standardised mobile applications. However, with Ionic combined, you can create modern standardised applications with new features. Ionic adds on to the uses of Angular. Thus, they are co-dependent and supplement each other. Angular also makes it easy to apply the two-way data binding in ionic apps.

  • Cordova

Cordova is what makes Ionic unique. It is known for its 70 functional plugins. These can be used in the applications made with Angular and Ionic combined. With simple integration and configuration techniques, you can add more functions to the applications. It is also an easier alternative to the traditional advanced configuration.  They make customisation easy as well. The plugins themselves are customisable and is accessible to API integrations for many software of web development.

Thus, Ionic development by aTeamIndia is the best thing you can do for getting high-quality applications and websites.

If You Want Software Development, Stop Over at aTeamIndia

Software Solutions


Almost all businesses are going online nowadays. This is because there are much better access and opportunities online. Where earlier business was only restricted to a region, now it is expanding all across the world. This is where software development plays an important role. A website or application is the medium between all enterprises and their customers. However, it has many more functions other than just a means of communication. A good software development assistance will help you to conduct business without much effort or investing enormous sums. Every business irrespective of whether big or small hire a team of developers to increase their productivity and efficiency.

aTeamIndia has one of the top software development teams in the world. There are so many companies but most of them lack experience and practice when it comes to programming and development. That is not the case with aTeamIndia. Because of their best software developers, they are able to cater to the dynamic needs of every business. aTeamIndia also stands out because of the number of services they provide. Most companies usually specialize and have a single team for anyone of the processes involved in development. However, aTeamIndia has mastered everything from programming to testing and post-development maintenance.

They are known for their expertise in the areas of software application development, web development, web design, graphic design, internet marketing, website maintenance, testing, mobile application development, advertising etc. With the help of these services, they have helped businesses in the following fields:

  • CRM Solution Services
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Media Applications
  • Financial Applications

Instead of paying for completely new software, which will later have to be changed according to changing requirements of the business by paying the extra money, aTeamIndia provides you with an advanced custom application. This will already be equipped to meet all the possible future requirements of your business. For example, if your website has to be made available to mobile screens as well, the software structure will have the features to facilitate that. There is a great requirement of resources that are generally found in the software application processes. Since custom development is also becoming common, the quality software development provided by aTeamIndia is what helps you stand out. With them, you can have a much better application or website than your competitor. Unlike others, aTeamIndia provides constant maintenance, which makes your product perform well consistently. This will also increase the reliability of customers

aTeamInida is also able to accommodate all of your business requirement. They can do this with the stringency of time. This is because they employ the best practices for their latest and innovative technologies like Laravel, LoopBack, etc. Their motto is also to bring mobile engineering and web engineering at affordable rates. This feature of their helps you cut cost without having to sacrifice on the quality. If you hire aTeamIndia, you will not have to incur that hefty amount for outsourcing the development needs. They have also proved to be much better than the in-house development teams that big corporations hire. These corporations now prefer aTeamIndia as they are able to perform more functions with a lesser amount compared to an in-house team.  Thus, aTeamIndia has proved to be the best in software development.

Why We Are Growing Fast



aTeamIndia is the most sought after software development company not just in India but also the Maldives. They are shown an exemplary growth rate from a small team of developers into a great software development company. They have helped many multinational companies, businesses, and corporations like Blacksmith International, Rarehunt, Omega Learning, Shark Programming, etc. They specialize and have expertise in a wide variety of technologies like MEAN, AngularJS, LoopBack, Elm, React, AWS Lambda, Meteor, Serverless, Laravel, Vue.js, Node.js, and the list keeps on increasing.

What makes them stand out from thousands of other companies is how different and innovative their practices are when compared to the traditional programming companies. This is evident when we observe the development path. Usually, businesses look at the potential that a product can have in the market. They then indulge in market sizing and product analysis etc. This is not the case of aTeamIndia. They did not waste time on planning but invested it in their business logic. They started with software engineering and built upon that. Having an amazing team of talented developers also added to the growth of their company. They later developed on technologies that were most in demand, which was web engineering and mobile engineering. Then they worked on the solutions to the problems of their clients. Another feature is how they have been able to sustain their growth rate. There are many software companies providing the same services more or less as aTeamIndia in the market. However, there are certain factors that make them different or their services better that have attributed to their growth. The biggest of them is how aTeamIndia has been able to adapt to the changing needs of the digital world. In the world of web development, they have ventured into the fields of web design, content management system, custom web applications, e-commerce services, live telecasting, framework services, SEO, Web API services, etc. A website or web application is an integral component of contemporary business practices. These are especially in demand for e-commerce giants. aTeamIndia has understood this demand and has catered to the needs of many online commercial businesses.

Similarly, the demand for applications that are adaptable to different screens is also high. To this effect, aTeamIndia has incorporated advanced mobile development services not just for Android but also iOS.  They also have expertise in Windows Phone development, PhoneGap, jQuery, etc. As the need for websites that are mobile-ready grows, the demand for aTeamIndia will also grow because no other company provides these many mobile engineering services.

Another great feature of aTeamIndia is how they incorporate feedback into their services. They are open to feedback and suggestions from their clients and they work on it to improve their customer care services and other practices. Unlike traditional companies, they only use the appropriate technology for development. They look into the needs of their clients and choose the best practices for them. Their consistent performance and timely delivery beating German and American standards have added to their progress.

The Company That Keeps Clients Satisfied – aTeamIndia



Client satisfaction is the most important factor for the sustenance of any website or business. The extent of your success depends on how far you can satisfy your clients so that they come to you again and bring you more customers or potential users. Software development companies give utmost importance to client satisfaction. Only if they deliver top-notch services to their clients will they be satisfied. This, in turn, will help your client to get the customer satisfaction that they require for their website or business. The satisfaction of the customer makes or breaks a business.

There are many reasons why client satisfaction and customer satisfaction are important. Getting new prospective customers is much more costly than retaining your old or existing customers. It takes more resources to attract their attention and convert them into active users. The main goal is thus to keep the customers happy with the services. What software development companies should do is to help create long-term relationships with existing customers.

Quality of service is another major factor. If customers are treated well, they will not even mind paying a higher price for the service. They must be made to feel that the service or good that you are offering is worth every penny that you are paying. Customers would always go for a pricier but better product than a low-quality cheap product. Thus, investing in resources for great customer service is important. In addition, when your services are great at every stage then your hike in price will also be justified.

All companies have the technological know-how and resources to bring exemplary products into the market. Therefore, you will need something to stand out. A great website, easy navigation, excellent customer service, active interaction with the customers etc. are some of the features that will help you stand out. A prompt response to their queries and timely delivery will only add to the customer satisfaction aspect.

Customer satisfaction also helps you to attain loyalty among your customers. Once you establish that kind of relationship with your customers, they will keep coming back for your services. This will bring a steady and regular income for you. In addition, when their experience with you is positive, they tend to give others good reviews and increase your reputation. Research studies have shown that when you lose one customer, you lose a chain of others as well. This includes people who could be influenced by your one unsatisfied customer. When you have a bad experience, you also tend to share that among your circle of friends. However, if you have one satisfied customer, they will advocate your brand to 20 more. aTeamIndia focuses on providing great web development because their ultimate goal is client satisfaction. They are the top client satisfaction company because they understand how important it is to have an appealing website to increase user experience. They have the best client satisfaction team, which will guide you through your entire business helping you manage your customer base.

aTeamIndia – Top Indian Companies Wins the Software Market

Web Services


India has been known for its blooming software industry. It has grown to the extent that now it proudly houses some of the best software development companies across the whole globe. Indian companies are famous in foreign markets mainly for their brilliant IT and other business related digital solutions.

Because of this success, the Indian industries have made their brand known abroad. They have become a major competitor in the global software industry market. The IT industry was also one of the attributes of the rapid economic growth that we experienced in 2010. Many famous studies have shown that Indian software companies have brought in more investments and revenue. The Indian digital solutions have proved to be so efficient that the exports have increased tremendously. Domestic software export amounts to the majority of the revenue we get from the software industry. This software market includes products and services. The products itself come up to 40 percent of the revenue. We are popular across countries for our domestic services like custom web development and particularly the consultancy services. Because of the excellent services that we provide abroad, there has been an increase in outsourcing as well. There are multifold reasons for Indian software companies to be a success in the global market. India is the hub of talented software professionals. Their skills are also available at a reasonable rate. It is also in abundance. Cost-effectiveness is thus an important aspect of the software industry in India. Great products and services can be created without investing a lot of money. This is one reason why many major players have invested in the Indian market. India is also the hub for outsourcing. You get services and products at a reasonable rate, which can then be presented outside at a competitive rate. Another reason is the abundance of talent. There are premier institutions like IITs that bring our talented engineers every year. They add to the great human resource we have. The government also provides a lot of incentive to companies and software technologies. This is one reason why India is a very start-up friendly economy. As a result, there are millions of startups in India. Lately, the trend has been that multinational companies prefer having their offshore development centres in India rather than having an in-house development centre.

Some of the unique and great services provided by Indian software companies are as follows.

  • Custom business solutions: This helps you to have a customised product or service according to your requirement
  • Internet marketing: For advertising, online resources like social media will be used. This helps to connect to a greater number of people in a short span of time.
  • App development services: Companies here provide application development for both iPhone and Android.

It also provides many other services like collaborative commerce, web branding services, database migration service, consulting, multimedia marketing, content management SEO content creation etc.

There are many famous software development companies in India. However, among them, the one that has been recently popular is aTeamIndia. They have the best development team, which make them stand out among top Indian software companies. They provide numerous services, which will help you, meet all your digital requirements. They are also very start-up friendly which makes them the best Indian company.