Serverless Architecture: Advantage of going Serverless for your next app development

Serverless Architecture

App development keeps evolving and this evolution does not seem to have an end. Trends like cloud computing have helped developers to meet the new expectations of businesses, by building applications in a much faster and productive way. But in recent years, terms – “Serverless application” and “Serverless Architect” – have seen an increasing momentum, leading us to the concept of Serverless computing. Despite being a relatively new capability, the popularity that Serverless has gained in the IT industry makes it the next step in the app development. Cloud apps are shifting to Serverless world, but why? There’s a simple reason behind this hype – No infrastructure management. Benefits like less workload, less time to market, reliability, improved efficiency and affordability, Serverless architecture has managed to deliver what technologists desire. The role of Serverless computing in IT will only expand in the upcoming years. Therefore, if you still haven’t caught on with the technology, chances are you will soon have to update your imagination.

Since its launch in 2014, Serverless architecture has refined the ways of app development. According to RightScale’s 2018 State of the Cloud report, with the annual growth of 75%, Serverless is the fastest-growing cloud service model, at the moment. That’s not surprising, given the fact that the technology lowers costs, reduces operational complexity, and increases DevOps efficiencies. Furthermore, statistics show that by 2021, the market size of Serverless computing is estimated to grow to 7.72 Billion!

Stefan Bergstein, Chief Software Architect at Micro Focus, said the wheels were in motion for serverless adoption.

“We will see further adoption of serverless, especially in public clouds. The large cloud providers are going to invest into maturity, programming languages coverage and improved IDE integrations. These aspects will drive adoption.”

—Stefan Bergstein

However, what really is Serverless Computing? What is a serverless application? How does serverless web application work? What potential and benefits does it hold for developers and business enterprises? And why is Serverless Architecture the right choice for you?

We will be tackling all these questions in this article. Let’s break it down with a step-by-step guide and get a better understanding of the concept.

What is Serverless?

The word “Serverless” does not mean “no servers”, in fact servers are an integral part of the concept. Serverless computing is an execution model of Cloud computing, where the need to manage infrastructure is eliminated. Meaning, the developers do not have to worry about server management, scaling or provisioning when deploying code. They only focus on building the application while the back-end system that supports the app i.e. server, is managed by cloud provider and the billing is done only for the time the code runs or requests / events are processed. This allows developers to reduce maintenance cost and increase productivity.

What is Serverless

In Serverless, the whole application is split into two separate components, each performing a distinctive task.

  • The first is BaaS (Back-End), which applies to applications featuring their backend on Cloud. This camp is managed by a third party, which handles the server-side logic and state.
  •  On the other end, there is FaaS (Function as a Service), featuring applications running parts of their code through event triggers, including http requests, database events, monitoring alerts, file uploads, cron jobs, queuing services etc. The application is housed in stateless containers which are event triggered and the third party handles them.

The serverless architect allows applications to evoke functions on demand and the cloud provider charges only for the compute time i.e. resources used for the execution and not a monthly fee.

The following are major cloud providers (FaaS):

–        AWS: AWS Lambda

–        Microsoft Azure: Azure Functions

–        Google Cloud: Cloud Functions

Now that we have broken down the distinctive points, let’s dive deeper!

Cloud Computing Adoption

Cloud Computing Adoption

According to a global CIO survey, questioning their priorities regarding the technology adoption, it was found that public cloud adoption is the top focus and a major initiative for many companies in 2020. Around 79 percent of surveyed organizations are planning to have heavy to moderate adoption of cloud technology.

After Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Cloud containers are the most widely adopted emerging cloud technology in the United States and Europe as of 2019, as they help organizations to cut costs. According to statistica report, currently, it’s used by 18 percent of the respondents, which will further 20 percent increase by the end of 2020 as organizations are accelerating towards the cloud. Containers allow for the deployment of applications with access to a shared operating system without the need for virtual machines.

How does the Serverless app work?

Serverless sounds like a piece of cake, doesn’t it? But it’s not that easy. It makes a big difference when it comes to application architecture. An abrupt change, rather than gradual.

Serverless is relied upon by developers, for executing specific functions. Due to which, the cloud providers offer FaaS (Functions as a Service), which is an event-driven model.

Let’s take a look at how serverless functions are written and executed:

  • Developer writes a function which serves a specific purpose within the application code.
  • Developer defines an event which triggers the cloud service provider to execute the app function.
  • If the event is an HTTP request, it is triggered with a simple click.
  • To execute the function, the provider if an instance of is already running. If it’s not, a new instance is started for the function.
  • When the function is executed, the client or user sees the result inside the application.

Understand Serverless Apps with Examples

1.      Single Function Application

Take an example of Chatbots, which use minimal code and have a single function. Instead of hosting a chatbot on VMs, which run at capacity, service providers can run the logic on a serverless platform and decrease the operational cost. The company will only be billed when server requests.

2.     Complex Application

Take an example of a video transcoding application. To create event-driven pipelines, developers can use FaaS, which will remove manual input from the users. Through a serverless application model, the client will only be charged when the videos are being uploaded and processed by encoders.

Components of a serverless app

It consists of a web server, FaaS (Lambda Functions), STS (Security token service), user authentication and database. In which, the UI of the application is rendered client side.

Components of a serverless app
  • Web Server – Amazon S3 acts as a robust and provides a simple web server for static file. It serves all the static files of the app i.e. HTML, CSS and JS.
  • FaaS (Lambda Functions) – It acts as a key enabler in the serverless architect. AWS Lambda is used in a serverless framework for logging in and accessing data, built as lambda functions, to read and write from your database and provide JSON responses.
  • Security Token Services (STS) – Temporary AWS Credentials (API Key and Serial Key) are generated for users, which are used by client to invoke the AWS API i.e. Lambda.
  • User Authentication – Using Identity Service integrated with AWS Lambda, user login can be added to both mobile and web applications and help in authentication.
  • Database – A fully managed NoSQL database is provided by AWS DynamoDB. Though Dynamo is just used as an example here and is not essential for a serverless app.

FaaS: Function-as-a-Service

Function as a Service (FaaS) is a model of cloud computing, which allows developers to write business logic functions that are executed by cloud providers, in response to an event. It makes scaling easier and microservices are implemented cost-effectively. Developers upload pieces of functionalities into the cloud to be independently executed and the provider manages everything from execution to scaling.

What are Microservices?

Microservices architecture involves breaking the monolithic applications into smaller services using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). This allows developers to easily modify the pieces of code and implement them into their database. Microservices can be deployed and scaled separately and can also be written in different programming languages.

With FaaS, developers only have to focus on writing the application code while the server allocation and backend services are handled by the provider.

Components of FaaS:

–        Function – An independent unit of the Deployment i.e. performing a scheduled task.

–        Events – Triggers to execute the function.

–        Resources – Components or infrastructure used by the function.

Once the function is executed, FaaS tears it down. Although, it might keep the function until the next event has to be processed.

Advantages of FaaS:

–        Developers do not have to worry about servers and deployment and can spend more time on writing application logic.

–        FaaS code is inherently scalable.

–        Clients only have to pay for the computation time.

Disadvantages of FaaS:

–        Third-party manages a part of infrastructure thus, you have less system control. This makes it hard to understand the whole system.

–        Incorporating FaaS code into a local testing environment and testing the application becomes a difficult task. 

Benefits of a Serverless application

“Serverless computation is going to fundamentally not only change the economics of what is back-end computing, but it’s going to be the core of the future of distributed computing.”

— Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft.

Serverless computing offers various advantages over traditional cloud-based infrastructure. Building a serverless web application means the developer can focus on the core product and not worry about the operating or managing servers. Let’s establish why serverless framework is the right choice for app development. Here are some reasons.

·       Easy Deployment

If you need to develop an app fast, serverless approach is the perfect choice for you. With serverless, you can deploy an app within days or even hours, instead of months because you only have to focus on the code. You don’t have to worry about infrastructure or provisioning needs. Moreover, scalability is also automatic. Thus, less time-to-market.

·       Improved Efficiency

Traditional servers had to be running all the time but with serverless, you have to pay per request i.e. charged when the server is used. This improves efficiency as you do not have to worry about scaling, setup, capacity planning. 

·       Low Costs

Adopting Serverless means cutting costs. The reason behind this is outsourcing the responsibilities. Third-party manages servers and databases. In the case of traditional servers, developers have to scale, project the server capacity and purchase however much capacity is needed, whether it gets used or not. However, in serverless, developers pay for the resources they use. The code only runs when functions are needed and also automatically scales up accordingly. Sometimes, the charges are broken down into 100-millisecond increments.

·       Better Latency

Your application response is one of the critical points that can affect an app’s performance. Latency depends on physical geography and with the access points on a global scale, serverless can handle users from around the world. Which means, Serverless ensures global coverage and improves the response time of the application.

Benefits of a serverless application

What can you do with a Serverless application?

Some organizations might find the going serverless a bit daunting. However, with the correct understanding of the concept and the right tools, the entire application can be created in a short time, reducing the time-to-market. In contrast to traditional server-based approach, you can enhance the app development speed and there is more scope for experimentation in Serverless and services such as Amazon Lambda can help you achieve that. Here are some examples to where the serverless applications would be a good choice:

1. Backend applications for IoT

While building an IoT Solution, your main focus is on the devices and the goal. You might want to manage the devices, see how the data coming from a network of devices can be processed and analyzed but in order to do that, cloud infrastructure setup has to be enabled and managed. This is where the serverless approach comes in. There are many services like AWS Lambda Functions, Microsoft Azure Functions etc. which have the direct integration capabilities that allow devices data to be routed and processed by serverless functions. This takes away your burden of managing infrastructure and you can focus on core product business logic!

2.Web and mobile backend services

Using serverless, you can power your web or mobile backend. With the business logic in AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway exposes your cloud APIs to the application. In other words, Amazon API integrates user-facing content in an S3 bucket and the front-end content is integrated as a backend service API, with Amazon API Gateway. This triggers the business logic using Lambda functions, which ensures successful development of serverless web and mobile applications. With this approach, it will be easy to limit access to application users who have authenticated with any of the sign-in options.

3. Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

Serverless platforms can easily accomplish natural language input and user voice input responses. Using Amazon Lex and Alexa Skills Kit, you can apply natural language recognition to freeform text and voice inputs by users, which will further trigger a Lambda function that can engage with customers.

How does serverless resolve the most common app development problems?

We have discussed what serverless means, how it works and established it makes the scaling and maintaining the applications easy, but there’s more to it. Serverless allows you to easily build continuous integration and delivery. The code needs to be deployed on both the cloud and to a repository. This is where Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) create a dualism in serverless.

Let’s understand the two concepts more clearly.

      Continuous integration (CI)

It is a practice where the code is integrated into a shared repository, several times a day. Each integration is then verified by automated build and tests. Basically, it automates the building process by testing the code each time something gets changed or updated to a version. This helps in detecting and locating the errors more easily. CI provides “Version Control”, also known as source control, which keeps multiple versions of your code files and allows you to access the previous ones while making modifications.

      Continuous delivery (CD)

Continuous Delivery comes into play where Continuous Integration ends. CD builds, tests and releases software continuously without interruption. It automates the delivery of the software to designated infrastructure environments. This reduces the time and risk of delivering needed changes.

The biggest challenge while working with serverless systems is deploying the serverless applications. The more complex the application, the more complex it is to deploy. It gets easier to maintain the applications when you have clear boundaries between the services which form the app. In serverless, there are many components and the integration problems between them is common. Therefore, to deploy your applications, they need automation multiple times a day i.e. release updates, for which you need an automated pipeline.

Why is serverless architecture the future of modern app development?

In the ever-evolving cloud computing environment, Serverless architecture is on its way to become the face of app development’s backend – A new revolution – one might say.

But before we dive into it, let’s look at a brief history of cloud computing:

There are four types of cloud computing – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS & Serverless.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

It is the lowest level of XaaS, which provides only a base infrastructure that the developer has to maintain – Virtual machine, Software Defined Network, Storage attached. You’ll have to manage the platform and environment, do the configuration, and deploy applications on it. IaaS is more difficult to maintain, as compared to other XaaS.Examples of IaaS – AWS (EC2), Microsoft Azure (VM)

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS allows you to deploy the applications in a simple way, in a given technology. It allows you to develop, run and manage your apps without the headache of building or maintaining the infrastructure.Examples of PaaS – Google App Engine, Heroku, AWS (Beanstalk)

SaaS (Software as a Service)

It is also known as “on-demand software”, which doesn’t require you to deploy or maintain servers. Everything is managed by venders or third-parties – applications, runtime, data, virtualization, servers, storage, networking, middleware, OSes.Example of SaaS – Google Apps, specifically Gmail, where everything is managed by Google and you just have to use it via web or through clients. Moreover, some companies write SaaS on demand such as SAP.   

Then comes the Serverless Architect, which completely removes the infrastructure management and lets developers build the application faster, reducing the time-to-market. Due to its many advantages, it has gained popularity and most of the organizations or businesses now prefer to channelize Serverless resources to reduce operational costs and maximize return on investments. Developers deliver solutions at less time using Serverless architecture. 

Organizations are moving to FaaS from PaaS (Platform as a Service) because it scales better and takes complete control of infrastructure management. Most of the organizations are already providing serverless services but the top providers of serverless cloud service are AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions


Serverless may have a confusing name and might have people believe that it is “server-less” but it is still an impressive architect with various benefits. As all the architectures, there’s no doubt that the success and viability of a serverless approach too, depends on the requirements of the business. Despite having many advantages, it cannot solve every problem. Therefore, be careful before adopting a serverless approach.

From a business’ perspective, the best advantage of going serverless is reduced time-to-market. Others being, less operational costs, no infrastructural management and efficiency. But serverless is still at its infancy stage.

As we know, technology never stops evolving, thus, maybe in future, serverless will be able to solve and fit into many other architectural requirements.

What does aTeamTexas do?

aTeamIndia can help you migrate to Serverless, build Serverless applications, and train your team on the best practices in Serverless. We offer customized, scalable, robust and highly secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) development services to carve the future of your business.

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6 Benefits of Serverless App Development

Serverless App Development

The term serverless is a misnomer. It does not literally mean that there are no servers. Serverless app development is a cloud-based architecture used for app development where the cloud provider has the responsibility of allocating and provisioning servers. A cloud provider completely manages these servers. The traditional need of an ‘always on’ server component is done away with. Following are some of the benefits of serverless app development.

  1. Pay Per Use 

One of the main advantages of using serverless app development is the pricing. The developers and users will only be charged for what they actually use. The code can thus run automatically. On the other hand, in traditional server architecture, a predetermined server capacity has to be bought and paid for irrespective of whether it is used or not. 

  1. Easily Deploy Your App 

In order to release a working model of your application, there is no need to do any backend configuration. Updating becomes easy and a product can be easily released. It serves quick functionalities like updating, patching, fixing etc. New features can be easily added to the application. Additionally, one does not have to make changes to the entire application to bring changes to a single function. 

  1. Freedom from Server Maintenance and Management 

Serverless, as mentioned before, is a misnomer and computing does, in fact, take place on servers. However, the highlight is that the developers do not have to worry about the servers. These are looked after by the cloud provider. They take care of routine maintenance and management of the servers.

  1. Scalability 

Scaling is very easy and automatic. This will depend on the growth and change in the customer base. The architecture can automatically scale when the number of users grow. A practical example of this advantage is that the application will be equipped to handle an unexpectedly large number of requests and also a single request from a sole user. In the case of traditional server architecture, the application will already have a predetermined and fixed amount of server space which can only handle a fixed number of requests. It can get overwhelmed if there is a sudden hike in usage and might lead to system shutdown. 

  1. Cost Reduction

Another benefit of adopting a serverless system of application development is that it will help you to reduce cost significantly. Functions like server management, maintenance, scaling etc. are taken care of by the cloud provider or another vendor. Additionally, serverless employs less power to compute and also uses less human power. All you have to do is work on the code from the server-side as the infrastructure is already taken care of. 

  1. Reusability of Components 

Serverless is also more judicious and cost-effective in the long run. This is mainly because the components of the serverless architecture are reusable. 

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What does aTeamTexas do?

aTeamIndia can help you migrate to Serverless, build Serverless applications, and train your team on the best practices in Serverless. We offer customized, scalable, robust and highly secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) development services to carve the future of your business.

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Engagement Models

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⦁ Hourly

We have a dedicated team for each project and will assign a project lead that will act as your point of contact and go-to for everything related to the project. Our pricing models are also flexible and provide two options: Fixed Price Model and Hourly Price Model.

Hiring Process

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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Everyone is human and humans make mistakes. So when you juggle multiple projects among different developers, there tend to happen mistakes along the way. This is why you need a dedicated team with a singular focus. This minimizes the margin for error and provides more efficiency comparatively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required to start a project?
We provide dedicated teams for each project and so, a new project can be kickstarted within a few hours of signing a contract.

What are the payment models while hiring Indian software developers?

You can either hire on a fixed price model or an hourly basis model.

Will I have complete control over the developers that I hire from your company?

100%. It will feel like it is your own team in action.

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A project lead will be assigned to you for all the communications.

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You can use our PMS (Project Management System) which you can use to monitor the daily progress of the project. You can create and assign tasks to developers. You can also communicate through messages, chat, mails, calls, video calls and conferences.

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What if I want to replace or change the developer I hired?

Yes, we provide an option to change the developer if requested.

How can I trust you with my intellectual property and data?

We sign an NDA before commencing the project. Your IP and data will always be safe when working with us.

What are the rates to hire a developer?

The average hourly rate is 18$ per hour. However, the rate depends on the technology used for the project.

How long does it take to build a software or complete a project?

The time required to build a software or complete a project purely depends on the type of technology used to tackle the project and the amount and type of functionalities it carries. We specify a timeline after discussing the project with us and always complete the project before the deadline.

What is the length of the contract?

The length of the contract depends on the type of agreement and project.

Can I see the resume or CVs of the developers before hiring?

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Hire Senior Flutter Developer : 3X The Development Resource For The Price Of 1

Countless frameworks help you to bring your ideas into reality. The one thing that makes Flutter stand out is that it enables you to create a native mobile application with just a single codebase. Yes, you read it right: one codebase to build two different apps for Android and iOS. This is the shortest definition of Flutter. What’s more? It is created by Google and is a free open-source framework.


Key Features of Flutter That Makes It Ideal for Development 

Now that you know what Flutter is (in the shortest form), let us look at the key features that make Flutter stand apart when it comes to development. 


  • Hot Reload


One of the standing out feature of Flutter is Hot Reload. This feature saves a lot of time as it lets the developer view the changes made instantly in the application itself. Developers love this feature as it also lets them fix bugs quickly on the go. The instant preview feature lets the developers go wild and try out new experiments.


  • One Codebase – Two Platforms


Shoot two birds with one bullet with the cross-platform development feature. As stated earlier, Flutter enables to create native mobile applications for two platforms (Android and iOS) with a single codebase and a single programming language (Dart). Did you know that the UI and apps of Fuchsia (the new OS that is supposed to replace Android in the near future) are being designed with Flutter?


  • Widgets, Widgets and Widgets


Flutter has provided importance to developing widgets and its customisation. Complex, as well as simple widgets, can be integrated to replace traditional methods. Flutter also provides the option to build apps using only widgets from its list of ready-made widgets. The material design support and glitch-free performance of the widgets provide a smooth experience for the user.

  • Hot Reload

One of the standing out feature of Flutter is Hot Reload. This feature saves a lot of time as it lets the developer view the changes made instantly in the application itself. Developers love this feature as it also lets them fix bugs quickly on the go. The instant preview feature lets the developers go wild and try out new experiments.

  • Smooth Curves


New users have claimed that Flutter provides a fast learning curve. Integrations such as Firebase, platform APIs, etc. makes the entire development process a delightful experience. The detailed documentation available helps new as well as experienced users to take their Flutter skills to the next level. The framework being free and open-source also plays a huge role in making Flutter one of the most popular frameworks in 2020 and beyond.

Flutter vs. Native 

Flutter offers many big advantages when compared to native platforms. One such advantage is the cross-platform support. Like mentioned earlier, the same codebase can be used for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Web, Desktop, etc. Flutter has also been improved with many versions which can bridge the gap and provide the same stability and performance like native apps to an extent that there is no difference.


Why Flutter Is the Best Option for Startup Mobile App Development?

Flutter is also an efficient and optimal option for startups. Following are some of the reasons why startups should take note of Flutter.

  • Maximum Results with Minimum Effort

Cross platform application development is an attractive opportunity for startups as they can launch their application on different platforms tapping a lot of users. Your application will have more exposure and will be able to reach a larger set of audience. This will also increase the number of potential downloads that too with fewer development efforts as you are just using a single code for all these platforms.

  • Now Frameworks Can Reload Too

With the help of Hot Reload, errors can be quickly fixed during the development process itself. It will not have to be recompiled or redeployed. After fixing the error, you can start where it was left off. This feature is what increases the overall productivity. It gives developers the freedom to experiment without any delay.

  • An Arsenal of Useful Tools

Flutter is integrated with Firebase. Flutter Google platform provides a host of services such as storage, hosting, cloud functions, etc. This can be used by startups. They will benefit as the infrastructure becomes serverless and scalable. Usually, developers have to do the job of creating tools by themselves. But Firebase offers these tools. This makes development easier. Development can also be made automatic with these common tools.

  • Budget-friendly

Limited budget is a problem faced by many startups. While creating an app, you will have to spend on iOS app developers as well as on Android app developers. Flutter avoids this. It opens up the venue for many ways of budget-friendly development. Widgets that come with Flutter also makes sure that you can create an amazing user interface without spending separately on this aspect of development.

  • Perfect for MVPs

Flutter framework is naturally perfect for MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) as it immensely reduces cost. You need not create two different apps and maintain them. This makes development cheaper. This, in turn, negates the need to have a large team. You only need one developer for your MVP.  The performance is great to such an extent that you will not see the difference between a native app and a Flutter app. Your MVP can also be made more attractive. As widgets help you customize according to your wants, you can create appealing UI for users.

  • Vibrant Community 

Since Flutter is growing popular by the year, it has a growing and vibrant community. Developers actively contribute to this community.


Flutter App Development Services 

Flutter helps in the development of apps and products like a hybrid app, native app, cross platform, for web etc. 

  • Hybrid App 

Flutter is compatible with both iOS and Android making it the best framework for building hybrid applications. The Dart language is also something that makes it a great platform for a hybrid app.

  • Native App

There are several advantages you can gain from building native applications on Flutter. Flutter helps with creating blocks in the user interface. Its documentation and tools also add to the easiness of native app development. Moreover, it has customizable widgets.

  • Cross Platform App

If you want a cross platform application which has a great user interface, with great native performance and less time to market, then Flutter is the best option. It provides unique features to cross platform development.

  • Flutter for Web

In addition to mobile applications, Flutter can also be used for web content with the use of technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Popular Flutter Applications 


Using Flutter for their second-hand trading platform Xianyu has been the best tech practice according to Alibaba’s tech team. This giant e-commerce company uses Flutter for many other cross-end solutions. Their application has more than 50 million users. What attracted them was the ease of implementation provided by Flutter. It helped them bring detailed product pages online as quickly as possible.

New York Times 

Flutter is behind the popular New York Times puzzle, KENKEN. With a single code base, it provides an interactive, native experience. It is also the first prototype that used Flutter for web development. It provides great user interface across Android, iOS, Mac and web.


It is another famous application that has benefitted from Flutter. It is a lifestyle application for journaling and mindfulness. Reflectly, through Flutter, lets you create stories on personal journals, reflect on a question a day, personal insights etc. while providing a great interface.


Why Hire aTeamIndia Flutter Development Service?

aTeamIndia is one of the top Flutter app development companies in India. We have gained many years of experience in mobile app development and Flutter has become our favorite framework since its inception in 2018. Our Flutter developers are also familiar with the most recent versions of Flutter. Our passionate and hardworking developers have put in a lot of research and work for creating applications for both the platforms. We use our unique digital solutions and the features offered by Flutter app development like quicker development, great and expressive UI, etc. to create cross platform applications. We also ensure a cost-effective development process within a brief time. With Flutter’s customizing capabilities, we can create products across a wide variety of sectors like finance, entertainment, travel, food and more.

  • Extensive Experience
  • Superior Performance
  • Flexible Hiring Model
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Global Clientele
  • Fixed Pricing
  • Round the Clock Support



Are you trying to develop different versions of a single application for two different platforms? Why do that when you can use one codebase to build a native application for Android and iOS? Let me rephrase; why shoot two birds with two bullets when you can shoot down two birds with one bullet? Also, the ‘one’ bullet is free. Did I get your attention now? Yes, we are talking about Flutter which is a free, open-source framework created by Google. Its highlights are cross-platform development, short learning curve, customisable widgets and Hot Reload! No, I did not add all my favourite features from different frameworks. These are actually the features of Flutter.


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Best AWS Engineers for Hire



AWS or Amazon Web Services is owned by Amazon and it is a cloud storage which particularly benefits businesses. It has many functions other than offering storage. It helps with regulating the database, analytics, deployment services which help you to be more cost-effective etc. By hiring AWS engineers, your business administration stands to benefit a lot.

AWS engineers can help you to lower your production and development cost exponentially. Their services are accessible to all kinds of businesses, ranging from giant corporations to startups irrespective of the size of traffic they receive. They also offer you more flexibility. Flexibility is important when you want to expand your business. AWS cloud gives you flexible storage and e-commerce solutions to support the growing needs of your business. Thus, it grows with your business.

AWS gives you the freedom to grow as you are not restricted by a contract or a commitment. There is also no minimum amount that you have to spend in order to avail the services. The server-based services have an hour system where the charging is based on how many hours you have utilized the services. This system is applicable irrespective of your business size. It will make sure that you do not overpay for resources that remain idle. Your demands can also be expansive as there is no contract into which you have to limit it.

AWS engineers give you access to other data experts other than themselves if at all there is a problem. The access is also made to be restricted so that there is only authorized access. There is also an IAM services tracking system in order to track when and how users access.

The storage system has a multi-factor authentication mechanism and encryptions. When it comes to storage, security is the most sought after feature. A robust security system is what is expected out of the internet service provider. This can be provided by an established team of AWS engineers.

AWS has a wide-ranging network of killed technology experts that provide you with reliable and consistent services. A secure system is what allows businesses to build a strong data infrastructure. These features point towards the high-performance capabilities of AWS. This also makes AWS engineers the best option to hire. It is a great way to go if a custom application is your dream. You get to choose the programming language, database, the operating system etc. Thus, the solutions can be made according to the requirements. What they do is utilise the resources already existing and put them to the best use instead of pushing you into an unfamiliar program and costing you extra money. Some businesses can take great advantage of these customization packages and the user-friendly platform offered by AWS. aTeamIndia are the best AWS engineers that you can hire for your business solutions. They have many years of experience and knowledge working with AWS. They help you to carry out your project with the minimum time. Yet they help you to deliver a secure application that is also budget-friendly.

The Basics on Serverless Stack



A Serverless Stack feels like an intense topic, especially for a person who is a noob and who would like to be more involved in the technical aspect of the web. It is not ‘rocket science’ people. It is indeed a beginner-friendly concept. Making yourself aware of the concept is not going to get you killed so let us learn what the big deal about this topic is and various things related to what we call a ‘“Serverless Stack”. Also, this is no full-Stack coding Bootcamp online program or anything of that sort. You will just get to understand the topic. Let’s go!

Serverless functions have the possibility to intimidate you but if you learn it correctly, it simplifies the whole organizational process. Serverless is an innovative way of developing applications. The major portion of the heavy-lifting of your app occurs in the frontend whereas cloud services deal with usual backend facets like writing values to a database. This implies minimal writing of code upfront and enables rookies to build powerful apps in a more efficient way, contrary to the orthodox monolith way.

A Stack includes a function and an object store. The function controls the object store when it is activated. The Stack comprises a function that activates itself upon the submission of an e-mail address on a newsletter sign-up form feature of a website. The function stores the details in a table called Signup after grabbing the contents from the sign-up forms. It is also equipped with a function termed, LogErrors which documents the wrong parts.

The Serverless consists of small applications that are created to do particular things and it is most likely to be a part of a larger application.

The operational overhead is majorly dealt with by the Serverless platform in case of Serverless and this is the place where your code lives. Almost everything except for the actual code writing is controlled by the platform when it comes to a function on AWS Lambda. They could launch say, an operating system to play the code in your function upon activation led by an event. They could also eliminate that OS when its utilization is finished.

Serverless is typically faster to use and operate than employing a bunch of microservices. It can also make it economical and simple for deployment and functioning, according to the demand of your application.

There are servers behind Serverless programs unlike what the name suggests, in the same way, the cloud includes various individual servers.

Serverless enables developers and mainly the rookie section of the developers’ community, to develop and deploy applications in a simplified manner with minimal code that implies a decrease in the learning curve, as a whole. This is perfectly apt for the beginners and this why there are being preferred by many.

If all the above said sentences sound like mumbo-jumbo to you, then fear not. This is exactly why aTeamIndia is available to help you. If you are looking to develop using Serverless Stack but do not want to know the technicalities, go for aTeamIndia!

We Help You Convert Your Idea to a Digital Solution

We Help You Convert Your Idea to a Digital Solution


Running a business is not just about selling products and making money. There are a lot of details that have to be taken care of for it to be actually successful. Without technology, all of this will be impossible in today’s world. But you cannot just depend on any software development company. You might want a certain thing but after all the development and processing, you might get something different. There will be things that get lost in translation. This is what often happens to successful businesses that fail to create an online presence. But with aTeamIndia, they can convert your ideas into a digital solution while still managing to make it commercially successful. They can make any feasible idea a commercial success. The best digital solution provided by aTeamIndia is custom business software. This will be made exactly to fit your needs.

Taking examples of previous clients of aTeamIndia, they have been provided with customized software. This helped them immensely with their day to day running of their business. They also helped them reduce their delivery time significantly. Thus, they have been able to provide great quality custom software without compromising on reliability. The organizational mechanism is also what aTeamIndia focuses on to make your dream a reality. As a business you will have multiple clients at a time that require the equal kind of attention. You will have to contact them, mail them, send them notifications, arrange meetings every single day. aTeamIndia creates applications that automate these repetitive and redundant tasks and gives you the time to invest elsewhere. This makes your business perform well as a whole and enhances productivity. This is also a great way of having an interactive relation with all their clients. Customer relation is something that you cannot compromise on while executing your ideas. It can lead to customer complaints, poor response etc. This can be detrimental to your business. This is exactly what aTeamIndia prevents with their technology.

Another problem with regard to customer relation is to keep up with the social media your customers use. The channels that they frequent are the best places to advertise your business. However, not every customer uses the same platform but aTeamIndia can manage such customer information. Thus, they maintain a continuous and successful relation with your clients and make use of every social media platform possible. Moreover, no matter what your idea is; growth and expansion are what fuels you to work. aTeamIndia’s management process and web design will help you accommodate this growth. You cannot change your entire software set up to accommodate the expansion as and when it happens. It might not even happen. So, you need something that is flexible to both these conditions.

aTeamIndia is that place where your ideas become a reality without having to make any compromise. They take all the information from the clients and give them back a successful and thriving business. Even with such customized app development, they do not charge anything extra. With every web development venture, they only require a reasonable payment.

Pros and Cons of AWS Lambda


AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing service that aids a computing infrastructure with a virtualisation environment, network, servers and hardware units. AWS has been started as an initiative to provide a virtualisation environment in addition to resource provisioning which is integrated and provided via online to the third party. It was initially started as an IAAS layer and later had a straight cut growth to Platform as a Service (Paas) which can provide complete assistance for project development with OS and middleware.

Lambda function has been used to attest a function with each datum so as to enhance its context as it transits from one state to another. Put in simple terms, we can scale our image to fit into the window display of smartphones or notebook in a responsive format.

AWS lambda is a serverless architecture that enables you to promote an application purely customised based on the needs of the end user on an event-driven computing platform. Earlier, serverless architectures were used to develop an application that was purely deprived of server-side state and logic.

Here we have an event trigger which is completely aided by Lambda function which provides the service FAAS i.e. Function as a Service, where we break down large monolithic applications to smaller services which are again disintegrated to the level of functions and events.

The prime merit of AWS Lambda is that managing and forwarding RPC calls to remote servers are completely avoided for enhancing computational time optimization.

Lambda function works cooperatively with S3 (Simple Storage as a Service) where cumulative storage is possible.

If you build and manage your own FaaS infrastructure, it is all about optimization of resources that trace back to reduce cost – a major reason to adopt serverless.

  1. Eager Development

Serverless architecture can be rapidly developed by product engineers. It has alleviated the problems of server crashes. Thus, it needs very less time on operational issues making developers life stress free.

  1. Operational Management Optimisation

Reduced computational cost and reduced operational management overheads are the added advantages of Automatic scaling functionality of FaaS. Serverless platform segregates the infrastructure services and applications running on top of the OS and middleware. Thus, a completely serverless solution like AWS Lambda will not require system administration.

  1. Reduction in Operational Costs

The basic merit of this technology is that you only pay for the time your function executes and not for standalone time and uses only resources on demand.


Holding a web-socket connection open for a chatbot for long is one menial task that cannot be done by AWS.

  1. State

State-full service, which needs a connection-oriented service requires a database and is required to store any data that needs to remain consistent.

  1. DoS (Denial of Service)

AWS Lambda limits concurrency and jobs in the ready queue may be temporarily sidelined and can undergo starvation leading to deadlocks.

  1. Execution Duration

AWS Lambda functions are aborted if they run for longer than 5 minutes or a pre-set deadline. There are tasks that run for more than the given limit which may be left unexecuted.

We would like to ponder over your thoughts on serverless architecture and AWS Lambda.

Why Serverless Computing Should Be Promoted


Serverless” is by now the most used and popular technology. It has two different parts to its application architecture. The first part is the ‘back-end as a service’ commonly known as BaaS. This particularly applies to applications that have their back-end on the cloud. A third party maintains this aspect of serverless computing. This is mostly because front-ends are heavy to solely exist on the serverless architecture. Examples of such rich and complex UI are mobile applications, web applications etc. The second part is ‘function as a service’ or FaaS. It has an application that makes use of event triggers to run certain parts of the code.

Serverless computing has an end number of benefits. The architecture of serverless evokes functions right on demand. This comes in handy as it provides flexibility to applications on the server side. In certain cases, your application may be such that a serverless computing approach might be perfect for it. If an app has to be spin up really fast, serverless lets you do that.

Usually, deployment of an app takes weeks and can go even up to months. However, if you are using serverless architecture, you can do it in a matter of days. This is because using serverless architecture is not something to worry about. The developer can concentrate on coding.

Another major benefit is when it comes to scalability. Scalability is automatic when it comes to serverless. You do not have to worry about any additional provisions. It is also very budget friendly. This is mainly because you are outsourcing a great chunk of work including management of servers, databases etc.

The actual production cost is also less because the computing power and human resources employed is less. With serverless, you do not have to make a server from scratch. The infrastructure part of it is already taken care of. Server-side code is very important so you can allocate your resources and logic towards that.

Sometimes the load to a website might peak unexpectedly. A good server will be able to handle that. If that is your aim then you should choose serverless. It helps you handle all kinds of traffic. The application is such that it can automatically change depending on the traffic. If your app experiences a growth spurge suddenly, it will be easy to make changes to accommodate this. Even if there is no heavy load, it will not be harmful as the cost you will be paying will be the same.

Compared to traditional servers, serverless makes the implementation of an app easier. Thus, you get more time to innovate. This also helps you to move on to your next project as you easily get tangible results. Many companies provide you with serverless computing services. However, not all of them can be trusted. If not done properly it might lead to a collapse of your application and you might have to restructure it again.

aTeamIndia has one of the top serverless developers in the region who breathe serverless. Their best serverless team adopts some of the best practices that fit your application requirements.

How to Find a Developer That Suits Your Needs and Your Pocket

Hire-dedicated developers

Web development and app development are two of the most important processes when it comes to creating a website or a mobile application respectively. The processes that entail is also expensive. The trend that is generally seen is that for better services or quality, you have to pay a higher cost. Some companies choose to hire an in-house development team for their respective projects or they outsource the work. This is again costly. Nevertheless, web and app development is an indispensable method especially if you have an e-commerce business.

Web development mainly includes the creation of website layout, designing/redesigning, maintenance, content creation etc. Each of these plays a very important role in the generation of revenue that comes from the website. Not every web design will be compatible to run on all platforms like tablets, phones, computers etc. A website has to be able to work on all devices, that is, it has to be responsive. This is what web development helps you with. With a good developer, your website will adapt to not just the existing devices but also future devices. Every website can have plugins or third-party extensions. If these are not incorporated into the website properly, it will affect the performance of the website depending on the functionalities. The coding also affects the speed of the website. If it is slow, a customer would not want to stick around.

If you hire a reasonably priced developer, they will make you a great functioning website without any of the above problems. If you are hiring a cheaper service, you will have to pay more money fixing such issues. Hiring a trusted and a good quality developer will definitely prevent all these mishaps. For a business to be successful, it is important to establish the brand. A good website helps you to achieve this. A great looking and custom made website helps you attract more customers. A good website also portrays what your business stands for, the services that you are rendering and all such important information.

Mobile application development is all the more important. Mobile phones are the devices that people use the most primarily because of its convenience. It serves as a link between the business and the people. It encourages a direct conversation. The customers can directly get in touch with the business in cases of doubt. With the help of a mobile app, you will also be able to send notifications and messages to the customers regarding upcoming promotions and other advertisements. Thus, mobile development has an end number of benefits. However, all of these services come at a heavy cost. It might be extremely difficult for a small company to have a good website or app with a small budget. This is where aTeamIndia comes in. They are known as economic developers. What makes them different is that their top development team is able to provide high-end services at a reasonable price. This pricing helps them to choose the best practices for your business. aTeamIndia are the best developers and probably the only ones who provide amazing custom development services at a friendly budget.