ATeamIndia – Are you a Start Up? Try our Serverless Stack

ATeamIndia - Are you a Start Up? Try our Serverless Stack


ATeamIndia is widely known for using Serverless technology. Serverless Stack is not any different from an open source framework. It is only a different way of building an app using serverless framework. ATeamIndia is able to reduce the cost and the budget of development projects because of serverless technology. This has made them one of the best serverless developers.

The term “serverless” is mostly used to refer to cloud services or platforms that let developers not be concerned about maintaining a server. The developer need not think about running code according to the requirements of the server. Serverless is also billed based on the usage, that is, one only has to pay for what is used. Functions as a service or (FaaS) is a subsidiary of serverless. It means that it has the power to support rapid execution of individual codes instead of complete applications making it faster. AWS Lambda has proved to be the best serverless option with great capability and using this has helped aTeamIndia to be the top serverless team.

The functional characteristic of its capability is the primary reason as to why serverless technology is being adopted more extensively. It provides a huge range of options for creating applications and systems. These options come together, and FaaS serves as a glue between these options. There is a large amount of scripting that is involved to help with operating the server when a server’s operating system is used to host applications. Serverless has effective massive servers to host all the applications and scripting various activities works in this situation as well. Serverless has multiple uses. It is easy to respond differently to different events and constraints in the environment by executing simple codes. All the other benefits can be categorised under this head. It influences business and serves as a platform level guide.

From strictly the business perspective, serverless has manifold benefits. For many companies, delivering applications to the market takes a lot of time and requires overcoming other complications. Other than planning, designing and developing the product, the executives have to decide on capability, setup etc. With serverless, renting and buying infrastructure is no longer a worry. You also do not have to worry about how to set it up or how to do the capacity planning. Serverless will help remove these steps from your development cycle and the serverless platform provider will take care of it. This is what aTeamIndia does. All these significantly reduce the time your product takes to reach the people and the market.

Businesses, particularly startups, mostly need to have a kind of flexibility in your ideas. You might have to change the audience you are targeting. Sometimes this can lead to rethinking the way your applications will be working. With serverless, these sudden changes can be made very easily. Serverless also increases your product flexibility and not just your idea. Serverless helps you to separate your application into many small services that are independent of each other. Thus, it increases the flexibility of your product. ATeamIndia readily applies this technology and all the above features in all of their projects.

ATeamIndia – Give Your Product Idea and Let aTeam Give Life to It

ATeamIndia - Give Your Product Idea and Let aTeam Give Life to It


Anybody can come up with product ideas. However, if you want your product to be commercially successful, you need to give it a direction and make it professional looking. Only then will your product fare well in the market and become a success. With the importance of online media increasing day by day, a responsive website is the very first step towards launching your product. ATeamIndia has a specialised team for this sole purpose. Through a responsive website, they intend to launch your product in a unique way and they take measures to make sure that you are always active on the online platform. Maintaining a constant dialogue with customers and potential customers through the online resource has become an imperative factor for success.

ATeamIndia’s job does not end by just giving you a responsive website. They take care of every functional aspect of your website. Their main aim is to adapt to the viewport of the viewer. Making sure that the customer has premium experience while accessing your website is very important irrespective of the device they use. This will help to increase the overall customer base. The functioning aspect of the website is their forte. They make sure that the website loads properly and the user does not face any kind of technical problems. Web designing is one of the integral components of web development and therefore, aTeamIndia has assigned their top developers for this purpose.

They make sure that your website is your best portal of advertising. Your website will be designed in such a way that it has all the important promotional material and other details regarding your product on the website. This is more convenient for the customers as they can check the website for finding the information they seek. In addition, having a good website will help the customers to get convinced about the good qualities of your product. Your website can basically work as the image for your business. Through a website, they also help you reduce the production cost. Distribution cost and handing over the advertisement and promotion to a third party can totally be eliminated. This will help to increase the margin between the production cost and profits incurred. ATeamIndia helps you expand your product globally. Geographical barriers are no longer an impediment to your success. Selling products online is also extremely cheaper and convenient for all your customers and your business. Customer Service is also better through an online website. ATeamIndia makes sure that there is an open line of conversation between customers and the businesses. They can directly convey queries and suggestions. This can help your product on many levels. This helps your business have a responsible image and the suggestions can be used to help your update or on your next launch. The greatest advantage that aTeamIndia provides you with is your own unique online identity. This directly affects your image in the actual market as well. They can give you a unique brand name and a unique domain, which can be accessed through just a link or a URL. Therefore, it can be rightly said that aTeamIndia can take your simple idea and make it big.

aTeamIndia – Vue js is Top Performer of the Year

aTeamIndia - Vue js is Top Performer of the Year


The reviews from aTeamIndia’s clients show that we use high-end, modern, effectively functioning technological elements for the completion of our projects. One such technology is that of Vue js. This is another framework built on the JavaScript framework, which in turn, is the most beneficial framework for mobile and web applications. This makes Vue js have double the number of merits than any other frameworks in the market. Even though it is of a recent origin, it has marked its position in the digital world and has managed to earn the best performer of the year title. Current trends have shown that it is the most popular framework used in almost all websites and web applications in this digital era.

While compared to other frameworks, Vue js manages to outweigh all their benefits and this attracts businesses to Vue js for their projects. Vue is known to be a javascript framework that is progressive and is mostly used for building responsive and attractive user interfaces. The most popular benefit is that it helps to create effective single page applications. Its fundamental use is to create the view layer of a web application. According to recent studies, the popularity of Vue.js is rapidly increasing and will go ahead of Angular and win the digital race. This is enough proof to show that Vue js is the best framework for your business and our developers. The major benefits of Vue js can be divided under three heads. These are simplicity, versatility and flexibility.


Since it is simple, it can easily be added to any of your existing projects. You do not have to be extremely qualified or do not need to create a system. It helps you to start coding right away. But familiarity with HTML and JavaScript can accelerate the whole process. This is one reason why rapidly developing companies want Vue js to be employed in their projects. Vue js helps you to write an app in a very short period of time. This can then be directly run in the browser. This indirectly also contributes to the testing process.


All kinds of complex components can be made using Vue js. This is one of the main reasons why our developers prefer it. It offers various kinds of ways to be used and expressed. This is why it is lauded for its flexibility. This also means that you can express the code in whichever way you like or according to the needs of your application. Therefore, it allows freedom to both our developers and clients to meet their needs.


It also has various functions and not just various features. It can be used to create and manage functions to develop complex as well simple applications. Thus, its functions are within a wide range.

This is a framework that has transitioning effects. This is something that is not offered by all frameworks, making Vue js the most sought after. Because of all of its functions, Vue js helps us to efficiently execute our projects.

aTeamIndia – Top Rated Serverless Stack Team in India

ATeamIndia - Top Rated Angular Developers for Your Project


Serverless is just an application that relies on third-party services, which are known as back-ends. A stack means a collection of many AWS resources that can be used as a whole single unit. Thus, you can delete, update, and manage etc. by just managing the stacks. These are the two important components of Serverless Stack technology. Serverless stack is merely a way in which an application can be created using the serverless technology. The serverless technology has immense benefits. However, these benefits can be properly employed only if you hire the right developers. This is where aTeamIndia plays a major role. They are one of the best Serverless Stack developers in the market.

Serverless is the most popular buzzword right now and, that too, for all the right reasons. ATeamIndia’s serverless stack team uses this technology so that your business can reap huge profits. They chose all the technologies while keeping your business needs in mind. One of the great facilities offered by serverless is Auto Scaling. Going serverless will help you not to worry about how to manage the server or the load. Auto Scaling feature does most of these functions for you. It is designed in such a way that it can automatically manage a sudden increase in traffic. This technology helps us to keep your business website healthy and working. A great feature that makes serverless stand out from other applications is the ‘pay per use’ model. When we look at the other traditional servers, they charge you monthly, weekly or even hourly even if the resources have been sitting idle not being used. However, with serverless, you only pay for what you have used and how much your code runs. This opens up more functions and opportunities for your business. It is also very cost effective. Paying for what you use is the best deal that can be offered.

The three significant characteristics of serverless are its functions, it Functions as a Service (FaaS) and the third party providers. There are many aspects of your business which you cannot handle. These third party providers help you with that. It is also a risky investment for you and cuts down on your profit margin. For instance, if you have a telecom business, you cannot build an infrastructure to send out texts and all such work. It is only wise to hand that out to a third party provider. Likewise, you can leverage third-party providers of serverless to manage your authentication needs etc. This will help you focus on the actual logic of your business and invest in that. Serverless helps our clients worry less about the technical or operational stuff. You can think of it as an office where different kinds of tasks are allocated to different workers who are good at each of the tasks respectively. This helps the developer concentrate more on the core business and work more on other functional aspects. But you can only make use of all these amazing features if you hire a developer who has a great serverless stack team. ATeamIndia has the top serverless stack team that can fulfil all your digital needs.