Development is Easy and Economic with aTeamIndia. How and Why?

Whether its app development or web development that you want, aTeamIndia makes it easy in addition to making it economical. Both easy and economical is very hard to find as one can compromise the other. However, here at aTeamIndia, we do not compromise on anything. We also make sure that any service we provide is of the utmost quality. How is this possible and what makes us work differently when compared to other companies? It is a simple one-word answer: Passion.


Yes, passion is what makes us work differently. Each one of our team members does not come to the office to work. They come to enjoy their passion. Whether it is coding, designing or developing, passion is what drives them to come to the office each day. Each of the team members is handpicked and interviewed by aTeamIndia by looking at their passion and not at their skills and expertise.


Team is another word that makes us work differently. You can also see the word highlighted in our name, aTeamIndia. Whatever project you have in mind, only as a team can you convert it to results. Team dinners and trips are what makes the bonds of aTeamIndia stronger. We do not let a weak link in our chain. If there is a weak link, we do not break it. We mould it to become stronger than our strongest links. This is what teamwork is.

Client Handling

Clients are an integral part of a development project. You have to update the clients every day and keep them in the loop. They may not need or understand the technicalities of the project. So one should update the client accordingly in a method that they understand. Even if there is a problem like delays or mistakes, the client has to be informed. If the client knows your work model and is informed of the obstacles faced, he or she will also be with you to overcome the problems. This is something that most companies do not do. They do not include the client in the development process and when obstacles occur. This is why clients become dissatisfied when the development is delayed or when mistakes happen.


Profit is not integral to our operations like other companies. Passion is the reason that we work without profit in mind. We only consume the resources to maintain our team and technologies. Passion and hard work are what bought aTeamIndia to the frontlines and not money. This is why working with aTeamIndia is economical. We provide all development services at reasonable rates only.


Each aTeamIndian is always up to date with technology. For example, our web developer is up to date with tomorrow’s top web development tools and trends. Yes, tomorrow is our today. The development team of aTeamIndia is divided into Web Engineering Team and Mobile Engineering Team. Angular, Node, Serverless Stack, AWS, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, Vue, LoopBack, Express and Git are a few of the platforms and development services provided in Web Engineering. Mobile Engineering deals with the development of Android, iOS, Windows, Hybrid and more.

Now you know how and why development with aTeamIndia is easy and economic.

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