Hire AWS Resources from India

Amazon Web Services, a comprehensive evolving on-demand computing platform was
launched in July 2002. AWS is basically crafted from the internal infrastructure that
Amazon.com built to handle its online retail applications. Compute, storage, databases,
analytics, and networking are some of the products provided by AWS. Products like mobile
developer tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications are also
provided. On a paid subscription basis, the service can be utilised by individuals, companies
and governments. With the help of the services provided, organisations are pushed to move
faster at lower IT costs and scale.

AWS is one of the first services to bring forth the idea of pay-as- you-go cloud computing
model. It aids in providing the user with computing, storage or throughput as required. In
addition to powering workloads of storage, warehousing, and archiving, AWS also powers
web and mobile applications, game development and data processing. This wide variety of
workloads are entrusted to AWS by large enterprises and rapidly developing start-ups.

The services of AWS are provided from dozens of data centres spread across availability
zones (AZs) which is different from other technology infrastructure providers. Reliable,
affordable, and cost-efficient cloud computing resources are provided by AWS to the
customers. The ‘autoscaling’ tool of AWS provides scale capacity. This is to maintain instant
health and performance of specific workload types and applications. Scalable object storage
for data backup, archival and analytics is one major service offered by Amazon Simple
Storage Service (S3). But for long-term cold storage, Amazon Glacier is recommended.

Amazon Relational Database Service and a high-performance database called Aurora
provides managed database services. As memory data caches for real-time applications, an
AWS customer can use Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon DynamoDB. Data analytics can
perform business intelligence tasks with the help of Amazon Redshift which offers a data
warehouse. A location to monitor and manage migrations from premises to the cloud is
provided by AWS Migration Hub. To get a control over a virtual network, an isolated section
of the AWS cloud is used. In case of an IT specialist, it’s done via AWS Direct Connect. The
development tools and application services are accessed through the services like AWS
Command Line Interface, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, and much

These are only a few of the many services provided by Amazon Web Services. One of the
leading Amazon web development team in India is aTeamIndia. All the technical services
including management, monitoring, security, governance, big data management and
analytics are offered as a pay-as- you-go model. They are available either on a per-hour or
per-second basis. India is globally the best place to hire technical support. Therefore,
aTeamIndia.com is the best place to go with a one-stop solution to all your problems in
aTeamIndia. In addition to AWS, aTeamIndians also specialise in web design, web API
service, CMS, web apps, framework, SEO / SEM, e-commerce and live telecasting services. In
the case of mobile engineering, the passionate team excels in Android, iOS, Windows
Phone, HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript, JQuery mobile and PhoneGap.

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