Hire Laravel Developer in 2020: A Definitive Guide


Laravel is known to be the best framework in 2020. PHP is the most popular web framework when it comes to the development of web applications. Its unique model-view-controller architecture pattern has helped it to deliver high quality customized applications across the world. The framework’s ease of use makes the coding experience easy and results in a flawless syntax. This has made it the developer’s favorite all around the globe.

Laravel has become one of the most sought-after frameworks in the programming world. It has bagged the position of ‘leader among web application frameworks’. It has an amazing reputation in the market that most developers pay attention to developing services with Laravel. IT companies also try to get many projects on Laravel.

One of the main reasons why Laravel is preferred over other frameworks is due to the ease of work it offers developers. It is easy to learn and use. Laravel’s Artisan console helps developers with rapid development.

The framework’s comprehensive documentation also serves as a step by step guide on how to use it. It provides you overviews which are easy to understand and helps you to find more information. This, in turn, makes it easier to hire and train developers even during ongoing projects. The framework can thus pave the way for a quick development process. Since it is a framework that is MVC compliant, it comes with many built-in features and also an enhanced architecture for developers to choose from. Its large community owes to its increasing popularity. It has steadily dominated the coding industry. Therefore, there is a large number of developers who use Laravel. They form part of this huge and dynamic community of Laravel. Another reason why it is preferred over other frameworks is due to the advanced performance that it offers to developers. The very essence of Laravel is its steady performance. The framework can also be more functional when you add more extensions. Laravel provides a host of third-party services which makes the applications scalable.

Why To Go With PHP Laravel Framework?


There are several reasons why it is better for your business growth to use PHP Laravel framework. Since it is easy to set up and use, it can save a considerable amount of time in the development cycle. 

One of its most useful in-built features is the testing suite. This gives you a test-based development process. This saves a lot of time as developers do not have to leave their code editor. Traditionally, changing element involves a lot of steps. This tedious process can now be avoided with the help of Laravel’s test-driven development process. This saves money as well as time.

The model-view-controller architecture pattern provides clarity and distinction between logic and presentation. This separation is what enhances performance and enables Laravel framework to provide many inbuilt functions. Code integrity is also maintained. The template or the underlying code can be changed without affecting each other. This is because the data manipulating logic is separated from the bits that manage the display. If a developer is using Laravel as a framework, it is implied that they will be following the code and database that is already organized and meets certain standards. So, the code is not something which is created by an individual using his preferred practices and methods. This makes the work more uniform. Since it follows a standard code another set of developers or firm can take over the work in future. All you have to make sure is that the developers are experienced working with Laravel framework.

Key features of the Laravel


#1. Template Engine 

Laravel framework has an inbuilt template engine called the Blade Template Engine. The Laravel Blade Template Engine combines one or more templates and a data model in order to provide resulting views. The templates are cached into PHP code for better performance. Laravel Blade provides conditional statements and loops which are control structures. These features are internally mapped into their respective PHP counterparts. 


#2. MVC Architecture Support

The best advantage of Laravel is that it is based on an MVC architecture pattern. This is what gives Laravel framework its multi-functional in guilt features. It also provides an expressive syntax which has an objective orientation. 


#3. Security 

Security is an important concern when it comes to application and web development. Laravel framework handles all the security concerns within it. It has the mechanism of accepting hashed and salted passwords which can make sure that the password never gets saved in the database as plain text. It generates encrypted passwords with the help of Bcrypt hashing algorithm. Injection attacks are one of the most common security threats developers have to deal with. But Laravel prevents this from happening. Another security feature offered by the Laravel framework is avoiding user injection tag by preventing user input. 


#4. Artisan 

Laravel comes with its own command line interface which is known as Artisan. It publishes package assets, manages the data migrations, generates code for new controllers, Laravel migrations and models, etc. This saves the developers time and workload as they do not have to create code skeletons. With new custom commands, the existing functionality of artisan can be enhanced.


#5. Database Migration System 

The database migration system is after two migration tools, MyBatis and Rails rake. They primarily help to maintain database schema in different environments without much hassle. 


#6. Libraries and Modular 

Laravel has both object-oriented libraries and also pre-installed libraries. Authentication library is one such pre-installed library of the framework. It can check the number of users that are online, provide bcrypt hashing for passwords, encryption etc.


Laravel development services


#1. Laravel Web Development 

Businesses from different industries can benefit from the robust websites that Laravel development provides. They make it easy to deliver a simple and fluent code for these websites. With Laravel framework, businesses can achieve their key commercial goals. 


#2. Laravel Customization and Integration 

Laravel provides you with customization and integration that is best suited for your application. With Laravel, you can modify several features of the system’s core elements or can even replace them. 


#3. Laravel E-commerce Services 

A core area of development for Laravel is electronic commerce. By providing great websites and web application development, Laravel can help you broaden your customer base with its features. 


#4. Maintenance and Support 

Laravel often comes with maintenance and support. It requires maintenance even after development. This will help you manage your application in good condition. 


 Advantages of hiring Laravel agency


Even though the framework is easy to use and set up, there are certain advantages that you only get by hiring an agency of Laravel developers. They provide you with the best practices. A Laravel development company will have a team of individuals who have experience working with the framework. An offshore team can comprise of individuals with expertise in various fields such as design, programming, coding, marketing etc. An agency will also provide you with continuous support, unlike a freelance Laravel developer. They will not leave your website after it is launched. They can provide you with ongoing maintenance and support. Laravel development is complex even though it is easy to use and learn. Therefore, an agency is more reliable and have a sense of responsibility. They will provide the best service available because their reputation is at stake. They will also keep you involved and updated during every stage of the development process. A Laravel agency will also be more efficient. An agency also has tools necessary for dealing with a wide variety of designs or even a large project. Since an agency is a legal business entity, they can provide you with contacts and other documents that you might need for your project. Thus, they are more reliable partners. 

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Hiring process


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