Kerala Flood Relief Support

This year 2018, Kerala faced a disastrous flood in century and got a lot of damages across the state. The state is just now started to getting back to normal life balance. In this flood two of our team mates Sanoj (Senior Back End Engineer), Nithin (Junior Software Quality Analyst) got affected. They have faced a serious issues with their houses. At this point aTeamIndia would like to give our support to them as fas as we can. So we collected some amount about 2.16 Lakhs and supported each of them with Rs.1 Lakh each.

We would like to express our sincere regards to the clients who came forward and supported this Initiative.

Blacksmith International
We Like toThank everyone in Blacksmith International Team for raising the money in days of time and wiring it. We feel this is a real example why Blacksmith International is winning hearts of their customers. On behalf of aTeamIndia, Its team and all from kerala we salute your supportive mind set and we pledge all our support in anytime when you request.
Thanking Ceo, Mr. Brian Sather, Director of Operations Aleksandra Statesvich, Client Success Manager Lance Drollinger, Vice President Ezra Roper for your help.

Crowd Patch.
It was an immediate reply that blown our mind when Crowdpatch Director and Renowned Philanthropist Simon Krystman emailed us and asked to create a crowdfunding project. He also funded himself and pushed the level maximum and helped us in this effort.
We express our gratitude towards you and all your activities at this moment. Also we, aTeamIndia Pledge our support anytime you think you need us. We also express our sincere support from Christopher Norris, Nancy Julian and Jake Shaw for the solidarity.

Rupa mam is a corporate big shot as well as a Philanthropist in her career. When the moment we updated her about the situation she made PayPal transfers and called us several time to ensure the safety for the guys. This is really incredible and we express our gratitude towards for this humanitarian help. Also we pledge our full support anytime you need us to come forward.

Yuri Chervinsky
He was a great long term client of us and helped us at this bad time and showed his kindness towards us. We respect your action and express our gratitude towards you and your brand. We pledge all our support to you, and will be ready for the call when needed.

VC Interiors
Sajeesh Ramachandran, Director of VC interior , shown us how a team coordination can be done during the period of crisis. Its been a real challenge to raise funds and supplies for the needy in that point of time. I personally thank him for all his support and help towards us during the period of struggle.

It is really pleasure to tell you guys that you set an example of teamwork when crisis happened. You all worked together to bring the affected back to normal life in days of time and even cancelling the vacation. As the Director of this Team , I personally express my sincere gratitude towards you all and pledge myself that as you stood for the team, the company will stand for you when time comes.
Thanks again showing the spirit of a Team

Once again thanking all very much from the deep of the heart and will support to maximum extend when a situation arises for each of you.
All the wishes and happy recovery to all who are affected by the flood.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhinand V Nair,