Mobile Engineering

Nowadays applications have to be flexible both on the big screen as well as on your mobile screen. This is exactly why aTeamIndia has dedicated a whole department for mobile engineering. With our team, we help clients to make use of the immense opportunities that mobile-ready websites provide.Many people now access the web through their mobile screens and soon, the number of desktop users will be much lesser than the phone users. Because of this phenomenon, there is an increased need for apps that are independent of both devices and platforms. Therefore, we provide our clients with HTML5, which is a powerful tool for building such apps. HTML5 will reduce both cost and complexity for our clients. While both Android and iOS are dominating the mobile app development world, HTML5 can contribute a lot. Some of its great features include offline support, multimedia, geolocation API, frameworks for application development etc. With the help of jQuery, our team can make highly responsive mobile applications. It is an HTML5-based user interface system that is specifically made for crafting responsive websites.

Another great option we provide is CSS 3. CSS 3 helps to make these mobile applications attractive and helps to leave an impression on the users. Eye-catching backgrounds can be created with the help of CSS 3. It also enhances the overall look of the application by incorporating animations and other images. JavaScript is a great framework that our team is expert at. It is the greatest framework for developing apps because of the range of flexibility that it offers. Along with JavaScript, Meteor helps to use the same JavaScript code base to build apps for iOS and Android and web. With PhoneGap, we are able to use web development skills at a less amount of time and make hybrid apps that are built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This will help our clients reach their audience no matter what device they are using. We also provide app development services in Windows Phone platform. Do keep in mind that our services are not just restricted to the specified platforms. With our expertise in the mobile engineering field, we wish to provide the users and our clients with the same efficiency and responsiveness of desktop applications on mobile projects.

  • HTML 5

  • CSS 3

  • Javascript

  • Android Development

  • jQuery Mobile

  • iOS Development

  • PhoneGap

  • Windows Phone Development

The need for mobile-ready websites and mobile applications continues to grow. More and more, consumers and business users are accessing websites via their phones and tablets. As such, traditional websites need to present positive experiences that are optimized for hand-held devices with smaller screens and other limitations. Along with new challenges, mobile also presents marketers with new opportunities. At a trade show or industry conference, potential clients might access a presenter’s website to learn more about capabilities. Visitors to an unfamiliar city will find parking, restaurants and shopping integrated with maps via web searches. These mobile, location-specific and contextual marketing opportunities will continue to grow as mobile devices with robust capabilities become more prolific.