Web Engineering

Our design team accommodates latest trends in web technology. We have passionate team for taming every possibility to goal. Dedicated team with well inter-communication helps us to improve ourselves.

UI generation is carried out after undergoing system study and considering the recent trends in web interface market.Web development team deals with the functional aspects of every App/Website we are in. The fully experienced team use effective strategies to build independent modular environment to enrich the development cycle. Technical updates are gathered by team strength review meetings and conducting seminars related to the particulars.

Professional designers with ample experience in the field cater to your design requirements. Our experts are capable of creating a masterpiece from absolute scratch making your website have a mesmerizing user interface. aTeamIndia has expertise in customizing WordPress plug-ins according to your unique needs. We can help create some exquisite plug-ins so that your customers don’t miss out on some great user experience.

CodeIgniter is amongst the simplest web application development platforms out in the market. CodeIgniter development requires nearly zero configurations and for programmers and developers, is easy to write codes for. There are many development agencies in the market but what makes us stand out is our dedication and experience with working on PHP CodeIgniter. In addition, our professionals are also well-versed with AJAX, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and XHTML; among others.

Since the advent of HTML5, aTeamindia specializes in creating amazing sites and applications. Our HTML5 developers are capable of creating attractive and interactive websites from scratch according to your special requirements. Our qualified developers are well-versed with other platforms like AJAX, WebGL, CSS3 and jQuery among others. We create brilliant websites not just for the computer platform but also for mobiles. We offer flexible hiring options allowing our valuable clients to hire professionals on a contract basis.