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Trending and Innovative Chatbots

Posted on: 24 Jul 2019

A code snippet that wholesomely automates all tasks and schedules just by chatting with a user is a chatbot in simple terms. However, it is a program that is going to talk to you and attend all your queries through a chatting interface. The technology might still be in its incubation stage, but more than […]

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Reinforces Power and Privilege

Posted on: 12 Jul 2019

It is believed that advanced nations and the world’s biggest companies in the millennium age have invested millions of dollars behind AI – a set of computing methodologies, incorporating machine learning techniques that collate masses of our data, analyse it, and employ it to predict our actions. AI in World’s Perspectives As we all perceive, […]

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligent Bots

Posted on: 28 Mar 2019

  Artificial intelligence bots have been famous for a while now and they have been widely used and adapted. It has revolutionised the way in which businesses communicate to the world and get in touch with their customers. They have taken advantage of the popular messaging apps, and advancing technologies like AI bots. Some of […]

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