aTeamIndia – German Quality and Indian Passion

India vs German


At aTeamIndia, we are known for our exceptionally good American as well as German standards. This is particularly because of the quality of the services that we provide. We have customers all across the globe who are satisfied and who have benefited from our services. The services that we provide can be divided into web development, web engineering, mobile engineering, app design, open source software development etc.

aTeamIndia can increase the number of customers that you have exponentially. This is because they are one of the greatest web development service providers in the market. Customers are the core of every business. More the customers, more the profits. We make sure that your website contains the content that the customers are looking for making it SEO friendly. We also provide a cheap and more efficient platform for promoting your business. Now, you do not have to spend a whopping amount on advertisements, fliers etc. All that you need is a well-developed website that can rope in more potential customers. This will help you cut expenditure as a whole. Since the promotion is through a website, various kinds of options are available as well. You can make use of Facebook ads, SEO etc.

For web engineering and mobile engineering, we use MVC model. This will also help your app get wide-ranging popularity among all the different sections of the society. aTeamIndia can also help you track the performance of your website or mobile application. They can track the activities and clicks per minute. This will help you customize and update your application based on how the customers have responded. We also provide a friendly platform for our developers and customers to interact. Thus, suggestions and feedback’s can be out across directly. We make the applications and websites extremely compatible on all platforms.

Our skilled web developers always think about the big picture. The brand that we create for your business will be consistent across all platforms. This will help in the emergence of your brand recognition. It is also a factor that contributes to the brand visibility. Leaving a lasting impression on the customer’s mind is our objective. We also make sure that you get not only get clicks but that your customers stay on the page and browse through your website. Thus, the chances that they will buy something from your website increases.

We also specialize in open source software. This helps to develop a community that provides a common support and helps in providing solutions. Since it is a community, the power and intellectual resource will also be wide. It also provides more flexibility in time and cost. Another one of the major advantages is that it is crowd sourced. It is also more viable in the long-term and provides you with cutting-edge technology. It has strong values and is supported by a group of strong developers. These services make aTeamIndia stand out in the crowd.

aTeamIndia – Quality Comes With a Cost

Quality Comes With a Cost


Quality comes with a cost and all the services provided by aTeamIndia is worth every penny. The quality services provided by aTeamIndia can be broadly categorized under two heads, namely web engineering and mobile engineering. They use innovative principles and guidelines to manage and design complex websites. They make sure that the website is user-friendly, secure, reliable and has great quality. Their services are useful in all fields including for web professionals and businesses. For web professionals, their services help them to improve the development and management of the website efficiently without wasting any resources. They are extremely useful if you have a business. They completely look after the functioning of your website. They make sure that your business is promoted online for fewer expenses. Thus, they help you spend money on other aspects of the business. They also provide you with other means of advertising online that are often free. They also have an environment-friendly way of advertising and marketing. They also increase your SEO rankings thereby increasing the sales and customer base. aTeamIndia keeps the customers in mind while developing the website. It is more convenient for them when you have a website for your business. They are more likely to visit the website than physically come to the store. aTeamIndia also helps to expand your business beyond your locality. They help you develop customers worldwide. There is also increased visibility which lets you build your own brand. Thus more and more potential customers will recognize your brand and your product.

They also provide custom mobile app development. Your business app can be custom built. This is very useful as it can be made to meet the specific needs. It is also more comprehensive and is built to meet all kinds of needs. Thus multiple apps are not required. aTeamIndia makes sure that an app is able to handle all kinds of traffic. Regular apps might not be able to handle the load. They provide specialized security features which save your business data from the risk of being stolen or from having unauthorized access. Important security measures are taken according to your business needs. The app is made to function smoothly with the existing business software. They also help you to send personalized updates to your customers which increase the communication and improve the relationship with the customers. It also becomes easy to access the details of clients. The clients can then send feedback’s which can be effectively used to build a better and long lasting relationship with the clients. aTeamIndia also monitors the traffic to your website and manages it even when the traffic is slow. They also have an elaborate and complex testing service to make sure that the product is reliable and that the website is user-friendly. They aim at bringing traditional websites to handheld devices with small screens. Thus, they provide more opportunities to businessmen.