Hire AWS Engineers

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that is comprehensive and
ever-evolving. One of the major reasons that everyone uses AWS is that there is no long-
term contract or any commitment. All AWS services and resources are billed on an hourly
basis and can be stopped anytime. You only need to pay up to that hour and no more. Other
servers and services require long-term commitments which are more difficult to commit
due to a lot of constraints and scalable issues. Hire AWS developers if you are looking to
upgrade your tech business to AWS. This is because AWS requires a certain range of
expertise to handle its every aspect and only AWS experts can do it.

AWS is more of a pack of services and platforms. One of its popular services is the AWS
Lambda which is a serverless event-driven platform. Yes, you heard it right. AWS Lambda is
a serverless platform meaning that servers are not required to run it. It generates code
specifically for responding to certain events and allocates resources required to run the said
code. Similarly like AWS, Lambda also requires a certain degree of knowledge to execute it
properly and you need an AWS Lambda team for that. So hire AWS Lamba expert if this is
your groove.

AWS Cognito is all about authorisation, authentication and user management in web as well
as mobile applications. In addition to using exclusive username and password, AWS Cognito
also supports Amazon, Google, Facebook and other third-party logins. Security features are
also built into Cognito allowing it to take appropriate actions against compromised
credentials and account takeovers. Multi-factor authentication and phone/email verification
are also built-in features of AWS Cognito. So if Cognito is what you are looking for, hire AWS
Cognito team to manage AWS and Cognito.

Another awesome service that Amazon provides is the AWS S3 Storage. In today’s world,
the size of data is increasing at a giant rate. So companies and AWS developers need the
convenience to store large amounts of data easily in cloud. Like all products and services of
Amazon, S3 storage also comes with top-notch security features to protect data as Amazon
knows that it is very important to you. Protecting data is also equally important to Amazon.
This is why Amazon provides S3 with three different forms of encryptions. Like a bonus
feature, Amazon allows one to analyse the stored data in cloud for in-depth data analysis.

The things mentioned above are just a few of the many valuable services provided by AWS.
This is why you need a dedicated AWS team to know all these terms, their functionalities
and contributions that it can make to take your technological business to the next level. Hire
top AWS developers immediately because you are already falling behind and you need to
catch up. If you don’t know where to start, log on to aTeamIndia.com and contact them for
more details. After all, aTeamIndia is one the top AWS experts in South Asia.