Laravel Experts

We, at aTeamIndia, have a team of Laravel experts that are passionate about their projects.
ATeamIndia has the best Laravel guys to help you with all your Laravel requirements. So if
you are looking for a reliable and passionate developer that is highly skilled in Laravel,
contact us. Why we love Laravel? Well, there are tons of features, quality of life tools and
small but useful things that the open-source PHP framework provides. Here are some of the
top 7 Laravel features or tools.

Composer Tool

Laravel provides immense support for installing third-party packages to further enhance the
experience of Laravel. This is done with the help of a Composer manager that also allows to
conveniently update third-party packages in addition to installing and uninstalling. In short,
developers are finding it easy to manage all third-party integrations.

Blade Templates

Blade is a powerful engine that builds templates compiled in PHP. To make it more
convenient for the developers, this lightweight engine is now pre-built in Laravel.

Authentication Library

Apart from Blade, Laravel also comes with around twenty high-level pre-built libraries. The
Authentication Library is one of the most useful and contributing libraries that comes with
the open-source framework. The Authentication Library provides features focusing on
authentication, login and security.

MVC Support

Laravel provides support for MVC or Model View Controller. This allows the platform to
integrate built-in functions for better architecture development tools.

Artisan Commands

Artisan provides a collection of commands that help the Laravel developers to easily process
operations like database transfer and data testing. “php artisan list” can be typed to display
the complete list of Artisan commands. It is as simple as that. As a bonus, the developer is
also able to create custom commands in addition to pre-built default commands.


Laravel is open-source making it open the doors to limitless potential. Open-source means
that Laravel resources are free to use and you just need the expertise to handle it. The core
benefit of being an open-source and a popular framework is the large community
supporting it. This community can be used by developers to learn more and experiment. It
also leads to all sorts of third-party extensions and packages.

Bcrypt Encryption

One of the primary focus of Laravel is database functionalities. Laravel makes it easier for
developers to handle databases by providing easier database migrating and replicating
features. As specified earlier, Artisan also helps by providing database function commands.
But the most important upgrade to the database section is the inclusion of database
password encryption. Yes, a smart Bcrypt algorithm is used for protecting the database
passwords and making the database secure from the hands of evil.

Developers use Laravel to build small-scale as well as large-scale applications and projects.
The tools and features of Laravel that comes pre-installed are selected in such a way as to
promote scalability. Laravel provides all the relevant features that a developer needs to
complete any type of project with top quality and robustness. This is why you need a Laravel
expert who knows about all the tools that he has at his disposal and what they can do. Only
then will you be able to craft something unique using the best craftsmen of the trade.