ATeamIndia – Hire Node Developers Who Fascinate You by Results

ATeamIndia - Hire Node Developers Who Fascinate You by Results


ATeamIndia is one of the best Node developers in the software technology market right now. The proof of this are testimonials from all our high-end clients like Rarehunts, Blacksmith International etc. We have put in thorough research and study to understand what kind of technology works better for our clients and the type of projects that they bring in. Through one of these researches, we have found out that Node js works best for all your business requirements. This is one reason why we employed Node js while undertaking projects. Many enterprises have immensely benefited from using Node js framework.

Node js is a framework that is built on the V8 JavaScript engine. What makes Node js stand out is its quickness and efficiency. It is also highly scalable. These make it particularly favorable for applying in web applications. Hence our developers prefer Node js over any other framework. It provides our web applications with numerous security benefits and other perks. Node js has two other important elements accompanying it. These are MongoDB and Express.js. These also make use of JavaScript. Both of them have two different functions making Node application better as a whole. Express.js is particularly designed to deal with the middleware of the application while MongoDB deals with a database managing documents. Since it is a no MySQL database, it provides better storage and retrieval of data.

One of the main reasons for using Node js for your business needs is the simplicity of the application. It is very easy to install and use for your business. It has Minimum Viable Product support, which is more rapid than what any other application can provide. A minimum viable product is extremely beneficial for your business because it lets you analyse the pulse of the market and how the consumers will receive your product. It also builds a strong relationship between the client and the server. It is so fast that it enables you to bring your product to the market in absolutely no time. The hosting is also cheap enabling you to invest capital in the core areas of your business rather than investing in the developmental elements. According to surveys, researches and studies, it has been confirmed that major countries like the United States of America and Russia are the top users of Node js. Even in India, more than 3,300 websites use this framework making it very popular. According to credible and authentic reports, Node js is the biggest open-source framework existing in the online world. According to the current statistics, there have been more than 12 million downloads of Node js in a single month. Its popularity is increasing exponentially day by day. Most developers, including our own, have also started employing this framework. It is designed in such a manner that it can automatically recognize any faults or vulnerabilities. Node js also helps us to create real-time web applications, which are a very rare feature. Currently, in the online world, it plays a major role and has been the most productive framework for a few years now.

Hire aTeamIndians and Get It Done



Technology is the future. This can already be seen today with the modern lifestyle around
the world. People are dependent on internet, smartphones and social media as they are
dependent on air, food and water for survival. Everyone has become accustomed to
technology so much that they find it difficult to live life without it. For example, Googling
has become a common task that people do to find anything and everything. Before Google,
people would use a dictionary, an encyclopaedia or just go the library.

This is why most people in this generation are looking to start something in the IT sector. If
someone has an idea, he or she tries to turn it into an app so that it will make life easier for
the rest of the people. Even if many people have an idea or the passion to go digital, they
don’t know where to look. There are many great ideas that go to waste as these idea
creators do not have the resources to bring it to life. Some may have the resources but they
do not know what to do with it. They just do not know where to start.

So if you are looking to start a business or need help in the technology sector, you should
know where to look. Yes, India. The number of product development companies in India is
very less when compared with the world. But this number has been rapidly increasing in the
past few years. Even Google has estimated that by the end of 2018, the country with the
largest community of developers in the world would be India.

The uniqueness of the developers in India is that they rapidly adapt with the ever-changing
technology. They are quick to learn new languages and platforms in the IT sector. This
advantage, added with the focus on low-cost solutions to technical problems, make India
stand out from the crowd. Lots of work from the US and Europe get outsourced to India due
to these low-cost solutions.

If you are searching for a company in India to find an answer to your problem, you will be lost. This is because there are thousands of teams, start-ups and companies in India that will offer low-cost solutions. When you finalize your deal with a team, you will stumble upon another team that offers the same solution at an even lower cost. This is where you would get lost. The solution to your idea will be in a low-cost and low-quality form. The digital result of your idea would be something that is drastically different from what you had in

Almost all tech companies in India offer low-cost solutions to technical problems but there
are only some companies that offer low-cost solutions without any compromise on quality.
One such team is aTeamIndia.

Providing technical services is not just a job or work for aTeamIndians. For them, it is
passion. They are the team to hire if you require any digital help. They have the resources,
team and passion to find the solutions to all your technical problems. As soon as you have a talk with them, you will find that they are the ‘team’ that you can trust your ‘idea’ or
‘dream’ with. Therefore, if you really like to birth your ‘idea’ into ‘reality’ in the form that
you want, hire aTeamIndians and get it done.

Server Less Technology Partners



India, as per Wiki, The sector has increased its contribution to India’s GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.5% in 2012. According to NASSCOM, the sector aggregated revenues of US$160 billion in 2017, with export revenue standing at US$99 billion and domestic revenue at US$48 billion, growing by over 13%. It means this is a booming sector which have high potential to uplift the entire economy in the country.

The major growth factor contributing to this will be from Technology side and most probably the Service Sectors, Which inlude both IT and ITES. As the technology is evolving, the market trends are being disrupted all the way. For instance, the Hosting Solution Providers are one among the major players in the industry. The whole web and related products depended on them and its a major factor deciding the usability of the web products and related services.

The Revenue for such hosting solution providers seems to be a paramount and something which can’t be avoided. Hence that revenue stream was uninterrupted for a long way. But Now, the things are completely changing and which disrupt the whole concept which was there for years. The Concept is “Server Less Technology”.

This technology put forward the question on Maintaining a Server, when it is not needed?. Yes, Take an example of a website which allows booking only few months a year. So most traffic will be on those months alone and the website may be idle for the rest of the year. But Unfortunately, the website need a standard server to be there all the time , even if they are not used, and need to pay the charges for the maintenance to the hosting provider. The ServerLess Concept disrupt this and no need to manage a server at all because the server instance will be created on the go when the website is accessed. Hence when the website stays idle there is no server existing at all. This in turn reduces the cost of maintaining the server for whole year.

Now you may think how this technology works, Yes its great and next write up will cover the technology pattern behind the process and How and where it can be deployed. As the best ServerLess Engineers,, conducts different meet ups and discussion panels for better understanding of the technology and its advantages.

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Why Clients Prefer aTeamIndia?



It may seems like a flattery. But its real. Again comes the question why? Many years back it was the age of consultants and IT Agents across the globes. They will be acting as the traders or trader links connecting the Clients IT Requirement to matching Resources. This system was going good for a while without interruption but when IT products began to serve the day to day activities of the users (Potential Customers), then the plug and play development teams came to end.

A contract based system’s reliability depends only on the regulations of the contract. Nothing IN, Nothing OUT. But in today’s Agile world, this may not always help. The market change in a rapid speed. Every product need to be ready to accommodate that pace or be ready to be DROWNED. Hence as a solution to this problem, came the concept of “Technical Partners”.
For every company right now have a technical partner in house which helps them in the technical curves and ability to adapt to the market changes and customer needs.

aTeamIndia, as a resourceful company , got opportunities to serve as Technical partners for many good players in market including BlackSmith International. This helped us to provide out of box support to the clients from a Technical partner perspective rather than a contract resource house.