aTeamIndia – Why Clients Should Try Remote Software Development?

aTeamIndia - Why Clients Should Try Remote Software Development


Remote software development basically means enlisting services provided by developing sources that are situated outside your location. It just means that they are not an in-house software team that a company employs. It does not necessarily have to be a foreign outsourcing. It has a myriad of benefits. Most businesses now have an in-house team of developers for meeting their digital needs. There might come a big project or a big idea for which you might not have enough workforce or specialists for carrying out the project. Your workforce also might not have the necessary skill set that is required for your particular project. It is also not possible to have a development team that is experienced and trained to do all kinds of projects. Thus, the way is to hire top remote engineers.

The greatest benefit is that you get to pick and choose according to the needs of your project. All you have to do is recognize the area of your project that you want to work on and then find specialists for that purpose. For example, if you want great web designing services and your team is not adept at that, you can choose specialists in the field of web designing and web management. This way, you also do not have to worry about making a team and getting it acquainted with the technologies and way of your business. aTeamIndia’s best remote developers take the responsibility of building a team and dividing work within their team. Once you give over this responsibility of this task to a trained and professional team, you do not have to concentrate on the core technical theme of the product. You can then work on other functions like marketing, promotions etc.

There are also small projects that will be active for a small duration only. In such a case, hiring a permanent development team can cost a lot and can be useless. They will not be able to function much after the project is over. In such a situation, it is convenient to hire a remote developer. After the project is done, they will no longer work for you. Even if it is a big project, you do not have to go around making a team for each functionality of the project. Companies will provide you with a great team that has all the functions required. This has two benefits. It saves time and cost. Hiring a permanent team is very expensive and it is not worth it when it is a limited project. Not being able to manage your project is a huge risk that companies face. Completely outsourcing a project will lose your control over the project. However, with remote software development, you can have a control over what is happening with your project and control the workforce. Remote software companies can bring new ideas as well. aTeamIndia is the only software company that can provide all these services and facilities at reasonable resources. They bring in new ideas and give life to your product.

Remote Software Engineers

Remote Software Engineers


Remote Software Engineers

Remote Engineers are engineers that work remotely on a computer. The computer can be
anywhere in the world. The objective of a remote engineer can be anything from remote
support, file transfer to software development, web service etc.

Privacy and Accessibility

Today, privacy is an important factor in everyone’s life. One of the factors of remote
engineering is the sharing of privacy. The client or owner of the remote computer must
provide access to the remote engineer in order for the engineer to do his or her work. If
anyone is given access in such a way, that person has the power to misuse the access and
steal data. So if a client or owner is not comfortable in sharing their access, a remote
engineer will not be able to work on that system.

Building Trust

So first and foremost, trust is an important factor that the remote engineer must build with
the client. This is the only major obstacle that every remote engineer face especially in the
modern age. In addition to building trust, another soft skill a remote engineer must have is
patience. When a remote software engineer is working with a client that is not physically
nearby, the engineer may face many issues due to impatience. This impatience can come
from the side of the client or the engineer. The engineer needs to start things slow with the
client and patiently build trust with him or her.

Patience is a Virtue

Some issues cannot be solved by rushing into it. You should take things slow and try to get
as much information as possible on the problem at hand. The more data you have to work
on, the more the probability of getting the job done quickly. Therefore, a remote engineer
must get as many details as possible from the client, requirement or the problem.

Ups and Downs

While privacy is the only major disadvantage, remote engineering has many advantages.
One of the advantages is the avoidance of travel or transport expenses. The engineer need
not be physically near to the system or the client need not bring the system to the engineer.
This is a very big advantage as a remote engineer can work from anywhere in the world and
work remotely on a system that is anywhere in the world.

The Toolkit

A remote engineer uses many technological tools at his disposal. Some of the tools are live
messaging, live voice chat, remote desktop accessing, file transfer tools etc. There are
hundreds of different tools that can be used in such a system leading to the difficult task of
selecting the right one for the given situation. So, it is up to the remote engineer and his /
her experience to select the ideal tools for the specified constraints.

Hire Immediately

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