Free On-site Meetings at UAE, Asia and Australia

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Free On-site Meetings at UAE, Asia and Australia

Posted on: 08 Oct 2019

  Communication is the very basis of software development nowadays. Before coding and creating a website and applications, there is a lot of processes and stage building that goes into it. A client will have certain expectations and specifications as to how the structure of the website or application should be. These have to be […]


Why Serverless Computing Should Be Promoted

Posted on: 03 Jun 2019

“Serverless” is by now the most used and popular technology. It has two different parts to its application architecture. The first part is the ‘back-end as a service’ commonly known as BaaS. This particularly applies to applications that have their back-end on the cloud. A third party maintains this aspect of serverless computing. This is […]

Web development

Where to Find the Talent Pools for Web Development Projects

Posted on: 03 Jun 2019

Web development is not something that you can do yourself. It requires professional help. aTeamIndia is the best web developer available right now. Their top web development team comprise of the most experienced and talented hands in the field of web development. Following are the steps that aTeamIndia undertake for the purpose of web development. […]

Hire-dedicated developers

How to Find a Developer That Suits Your Needs and Your Pocket

Posted on: 31 May 2019

Web development and app development are two of the most important processes when it comes to creating a website or a mobile application respectively. The processes that entail is also expensive. The trend that is generally seen is that for better services or quality, you have to pay a higher cost. Some companies choose to […]

Web Development

Hire Us and Fire Your Worries in Web Development – aTeamIndia

Posted on: 15 May 2019

Some say that web development is easy. We say that web development is not easy for everyone. Many factors determine the success of a web development project. A web development project is said to be a success when the project is completed before the deadline with all the features and requirements as specified by the […]

Software Development

Development is Easy and Economic with aTeamIndia. How and Why?

Posted on: 13 May 2019

Whether its app development or web development that you want, aTeamIndia makes it easy in addition to making it economical. Both easy and economical is very hard to find as one can compromise the other. However, here at aTeamIndia, we do not compromise on anything. We also make sure that any service we provide is […]

Top Developers

Top Developers for $20/hr

Posted on: 13 May 2019

There are different types of development in cyber space. The main ones that are trending now are web development and app development. All these are completely different from each other even if some may be dependent on one another. For example, your project may be the development of a website. After web development, you may […]

Full Stack

Why We Are The Top in Latest Web Development Stacks?

Posted on: 01 May 2019

aTeamIndia is known for their new and innovative development practices. Hence, it is no wonder that they use web development stacks. Not just that, they also have the top web development Stacks team. A web development stack helps you with both client as well as server side software. aTeamIndia web stack developers are great at […]

aws lambda

Lambda and Why We Love It

Posted on: 18 Apr 2019

  AWS Lambda is a name familiar to developers who want to adopt best and effective practices in the field of digital development. It is a serverless computing service, which is facilitated by Amazon. Since its inception, it has been used increasingly and is still a sought-after technology. The benefits of Lambda are many. Unlike […]

Web Services

aTeamIndia – Top Indian Companies Wins the Software Market

Posted on: 18 Apr 2019

  India has been known for its blooming software industry. It has grown to the extent that now it proudly houses some of the best software development companies across the whole globe. Indian companies are famous in foreign markets mainly for their brilliant IT and other business related digital solutions. Because of this success, the […]

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