First Serverless Stack Team in Trivandrum

You are reading this to find what serverless stack is all about? Yes, you read it right.
Serverless technology is all about running code without servers. Your next question will be
why anyone would want to run code without servers as they are the most important factor
in this modern age of. Well, servers are devices that share resources and computing power
over the internet. These devices have a price and must be paid frequently for the service on
a contract basis usually monthly or yearly. Therefore, for small-scale as well as large-scale
companies, having many server services means that a lot of money is burned monthly. Even
if these server resources are used or not, the price has to be paid.

Enter Serverless technology where work can be done without servers.

There are lots of services that provide serverless technologies while AWS Lambda, Azure
and Google Cloud are the most popular ones. You are only charged for the time taken to
execute your code and the resources that the code needs to complete the execution. It may
sound more expensive and complex than the usual methodology but it has cut cost by an
average of 40% as per research.

The primary advantage of serverless technology is that you only need to pay as you use
the service.

In the case of server rentals, you have to pay the due even if there are lots of server idle
times. But in serverless, you only need to pay when you are using the resources. It is as
simple as that making serverless technology cost-effective than the usual server services.
You also need not bother about the responsibility of maintaining the server.

You only need to pay as per your use.

Another advantage is that serverless technology allows you to easily scale the serverless
services. You can use more resources by paying more and you can pay less for lesser
resources. You need not waste a lot of time selecting the ideal server with the required size
and speed. Additionally, you also save more time as you need not regularly update the
server with security and optimisation fixes. All these are taken care of by the serverless
service providers themselves. The service provider always keeps the server up to date and

Low cost and scalability and the two magic words of serverless stack technologies (Well,
three words technically).

Advantages aside, serverless stack is the technology of building full stack serverless
applications. You will find it difficult to find and hire serverless stack engineers. This is
because serverless stack teams are very difficult to find as it is a new technology. It is only
being experimented by the most skilled and experienced developers in the field.

ATeamIndia, the first serverless stack team in Trivandrum, is one of the experts in
serverless technologies. In addition to being the best serverless team of
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